Princess Leonor Bio, Career, Age, Height, Net Worth, Nationality& More

Leonor, Princess of Asturias, is a young girl who will one day become the queen of Spain. She is the oldest daughter of King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia, which means she will inherit the throne after her father. Princess Leonor is a very important person in Spain, and she has a lot of responsibilities even though she is still very young.

She is a princess by birth and is loved by many people in her country. Her parents are very proud of her and are teaching her everything she needs to know to be a good leader one day.

Let’s learn more about Princess Leonor and all the amazing things she has already accomplished at a young age.

Quick Bio

 Name Princess Leonor
 DOB October 21, 2005.
 Age   19 years
 Net Worth $3 million
 Country Spain
 Height 5 feet and 5 inches
Weight  45kg
 Boyfriend  Update Soon

Who is Princess Leonor?

Princess Leonor is a very special young girl who will be the queen of Spain one day. She was born in a big hospital in Madrid, Spain, on October 21, 2005. Her full name when she was born was Leonor de Todos Los Santos, but most people call her Princess Leonor.

She is the first child of King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia. This means she is first in line to be the next ruler of Spain, right after her dad. Even though she is still young, Princess Leonor is getting ready for a big job in the future.

She has a younger sister; together, they are part of a loving family that is very important in Spain. People all over the country know who she is, and she is learning many things to help her be a good leader someday.

Princess Leonor Bio, Career, Age, Height, Net Worth, Nationality& More

Early Life and Education

Princess Leonor was born on a special day in October in a big hospital in Madrid, Spain. When she was old enough, she started going to a school called Santa Maria de Los Rosales. This school is not in the busy part of Madrid but in a quieter place outside the city. She began her school journey on September 15, 2008, an exciting day for her and her family. At school, Leonor learned a lot of things, just like any other kid, from reading and writing to math and science. But her learning didn’t stop there.

In 2018, when she was older, Princess Leonor went to a school far away from home, in Wales. This school is called UWC Atlantic College, and it’s a place where students from all over the world come to study together. It’s a special school because it helps students learn about different cultures and how to help others. This was a big step for Princess Leonor, showing how she’s preparing for her future role by learning about Spain and the whole world.

Princess Leonor Age

Princess Leonor, born on October 21, 2005, in Madrid, Spain, has gracefully entered her late teenage years. As of 2024, she has reached the age of 19, an age that signifies not only personal growth but also the gradual transition into the responsibilities awaiting her in the future.

At this pivotal stage of her life, Princess Leonor embodies the blend of youth and maturity, balancing her educational pursuits with the royal duties that have been part of her upbringing. Her age reflects a time of exploration, learning, and preparation as she stands on the threshold of adulthood, ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities.

Princess Leonor Bio, Career, Age, Height, Net Worth, Nationality& More

Princess Leonor Parents

Princess Leonor’s mom and dad are very special people in Spain. Her dad’s name is King Felipe VI, and he is now the king. This means he has a big job looking after the country and ensuring things are okay. Her mom’s name is Queen Letizia. She used to work on TV, talking about the news before she became queen. They married in 2004, a big and happy celebration for the country.

They have two daughters, and Leonor is the oldest. Her parents teach her a lot about being a good leader and caring for people in her country. They also ensure she learns important stuff like history and how the government works so she can be a great queen someday. They are a close family who spend time together, and you can tell they care about each other.

Princess Leonor’s Net Worth 

Princess Leonor is not just any princess; she has a big role in Spain and helps with important work. She is in charge of two big groups: the Princess Asturias Foundation and the Princess of the Girona Foundation. These groups do many good things for people, like helping with education and arts. She has some money because she is a princess and does this work. People think Princess Leonor has about $3 million.

This might sound like a lot, but for someone who will be a queen one day and helps with so many projects, it shows she is using her position to do good things. This money helps her do her job better and support the causes she cares about.

Princess Leonor Bio, Career, Age, Height, Net Worth, Nationality& More

Princess Leonor Boyfriend

Princess Leonor is still focusing on her education and preparing for her future duties as queen. She is very busy with her school in Wales, learning about different cultures and how to help people worldwide. Because of this, she doesn’t have a boyfriend right now.

Princess Leonor is spending her time learning important things that will help her lead her country one day. She also works with her foundations, assisting in education and the arts. For now, her life is filled with studying and royal duties, not dating. This shows how serious she is about her responsibilities as a future queen.

Height Weight

Princess Leonor is a little tall or very short. She stands at 5 feet and 5 inches tall. This is about as tall as an adult bicycle standing up. She weighs 45 kilograms, almost as much as a big suitcase you might take on a long trip.

Princess Leonor has beautiful blue eyes that sparkle like the ocean on a sunny day. She also has long, straight blonde hair that shines down her back in the sunlight. These features make her look like a princess from the stories we read in books.

Princess Leonor Bio, Career, Age, Height, Net Worth, Nationality& More

Before Fame

Before she became known, Princess Leonor was just a little girl with a big future ahead of her. Even as a baby, she was very special because her family wasn’t just any family—they were the royal family of Spain, which meant that from the moment she was born, she was already important to many people. Before starting her school life and before people learned about her from the news, Princess Leonor spent her days learning to walk, talk, and play just like any other kid.

Her parents ensured she had a normal childhood, filled with love and laughter, inside the walls of their royal home. They took her on private trips and taught her about the world in fun and exciting ways. Even though she had a big title, her life before becoming a well-known princess was full of simple joys, learning new things daily and spending time with her family and little sister.

She didn’t know yet how many people admired her or how important her role would be, but she was already preparing to be a great leader by being herself and growing up in a family that cared a lot about their country.

Social Media Presence

In today’s digital age, where social media presence is often considered a measure of influence, Princess Leonor of Asturias takes a markedly different approach. Unlike many of her contemporaries, Princess Leonor does not maintain personal accounts on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. This decision aligns with the royal family’s adherence to privacy and protocol, emphasizing their roles’ inherent dignity and responsibilities.

The choice to stay off social media can also reflect Princess Leonor’s understanding of her future duties as the queen of Spain. It underscores her commitment to her responsibilities over personal publicity, prioritizing her public service and state affairs role. While her peers might engage with the public through social media, Princess Leonor’s absence from these platforms does not diminish her connection to the people of Spain; instead, it reinforces the traditional values expected of someone in her position.

Princess Leonor Bio, Career, Age, Height, Net Worth, Nationality& More


Princess Leonor’s life is mostly about learning and helping others; there hasn’t been much trouble or controversy around her. Because she is young and focused on her studies and future duties, she avoids situations that could cause problems. The royal family, including Princess Leonor, tries hard to do good things for Spain and its people.

They know that being part of the royal family means they have to be careful about what they do and say so they don’t upset anyone. Sometimes, people might not agree with everything the royal family does, but Princess Leonor has managed to stay clear of any big controversies. She’s growing up with many people watching her, and she’s doing her best to be a good example for others.


Princess Leonor enjoys a variety of activities just like any other teenager. Here’s what she loves to do in her free time: 

Reading Books: Leonor loves to read. Whether it’s stories about faraway lands or books about history, she enjoys diving into different worlds through the pages of a book. 

Playing Sports: She’s active and likes to stay fit. Playing sports, especially tennis, is one of her favourite ways to have fun and exercise simultaneously.

Sailing: Being near the water is something Princess Leonor enjoys. Sailing gives her a sense of freedom and adventure. 

Learning Languages: As someone who will one day meet people worldwide, Leonor spends time learning different languages. She already knows Spanish and English and is always eager to learn more.

Music: Listening to music is another way Leonor relaxes and has fun. She also plays the piano, practising regularly to get better. 

Hiking and Nature Walks: Being outdoors and exploring nature is something she finds exciting. Hiking through Spain’s beautiful landscapes is a way for her to connect with her country’s natural beauty.


Princess Leonor is 19 years old as of 2024.

Princess Leonor went to a school outside Madrid called Santa Maria de Los Rosales and then to UWC Atlantic College in Wales.

Yes, Princess Leonor is in line to become the queen of Spain after her dad, King Felipe VI.

Her dad is King Felipe VI, and her mom is Queen Letizia of Spain.

No, Princess Leonor does not have a boyfriend. She is focusing on her education and preparing for her future duties.

No, Princess Leonor does not have personal social media accounts. She stays off these platforms to focus on her royal duties.

Princess Leonor is 5 feet and 5 inches tall.

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In our journey to learn about Princess Leonor, we’ve discovered many things about her life, from her early years to what she does today. Princess Leonor is not just waiting to become queen but actively preparing for her future role. She goes to school, learns about different cultures, and helps with big projects to improve people’s lives.

Even though she is young, Princess Leonor shows us how important it is to care for others and to be ready for big responsibilities. Her story is like a lesson that tells us no matter how young we are; we can do big things if we try hard and care about others. Princess Leonor will keep learning and helping as she grows up, showing everyone what it means to be a good leader.

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