Virginie Efira Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Boyfriend & More

Virginie Efira is a famous actress from Belgium and France. She is well-known for her roles in popular movies such as Elle, Benedetta, and Sibyl. Virginie is not only an actress but also a writer. She has captured the hearts of many with her talent and charm.

Her beautiful performances on screen have made her a household name in the entertainment industry. With her captivating presence and versatile acting skills, it’s no surprise that she has gained a huge fan base.

Let’s dive deeper into Virginie Efira’s life, career, and achievements.

Quick Bio

 Name Virginie Efira
 Age 47
 DOB May 5, 1977
 Net Worth $185 million.
 Boyfriend Niels Schneider
 Height 5 feet 7 inches
 Weight  58 kg
 Parent Verelst and André Efira.

Who is Virginie Efira?

Virginie Efira is a Belgian and French actress. She was born on May 5, 1977, in Brussels. This city is in a country named Belgium. Virginie’s mom is Carine Verelst, and her dad is André Efira. Her dad is very smart and helps sick people as a hemato-oncologist, which means he works with blood diseases and cancer.

Virginie grew up to love acting and telling stories through movies. She became famous because she is very good at pretending to be different people in films. Many people worldwide enjoy watching her on their TV screens and in theaters.

Virginie loves bringing characters to life and sharing stories that make people feel different emotions. She works hard and is passionate about her acting and writing jobs.

Virginie Efira Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Boyfriend & More

Virginie Efira Career

Virginie Efira started her journey on TV. She first worked for a channel called Club RTL in Belgium. She had a very exciting job because she got to be the presenter of a show similar to “Star Academy” in Belgium. This was in September 2002, and many people watched her on their TV screens. She did such a great job that people started to know who she was.

Then, in 2016, Virginie acted in a funny and sweet movie called “In Bed with Victoria.” This movie was about love and made many people laugh and feel good. She showed how talented she was at acting and making characters feel real. After that, in 2018, she played the main character in “An Impossible Love.” This was a serious movie that told a deep story.

Virginie did an amazing job, and her acting made the movie very special. Virginie Efira worked hard and became a famous actress because of her talent. She has done many jobs in movies and on TV, showing she can play any role. She loves acting and continues to be in movies that tell interesting stories.

Virginie Efira Age

Virginie Efira was born on a special day, May 5, 1977. This happened in a place called Brussels. Brussels is a big and important city in a country named Belgium. Now, if we look at the calendar and count the years from 1977 to 2024, we find that Virginie Efira is 47.

Being 47 means she has lived for 47 years on this planet. During these years, she grew up, went to school, and discovered she loved acting. This love for acting has taken her on many movies and TV adventures.

Every year, she gets to celebrate her birthday on May 5. She probably enjoys this day with her friends and family, looking back at what she has done and dreaming about what is next.

Virginie Efira Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Boyfriend & More

Virginie Efira Net Worth

Virginie Efira has worked very hard in her career as an actress and a writer. She has made a lot of money thanks to all her effort and talent. People often wonder how much money famous people like Virginie Efira have. It’s believed that Virginie Efira’s net worth is about $185 million.

Net worth means the total amount of money and things of value that she has. This big number shows she has done very well for herself by being in movies and on TV. Virginie’s net worth of $185 million is a big deal because it shows her success.

It’s not just because she acts in movies but also because she is very good at what she does. This money is a way to see how much people enjoy her work. Virginie’s net worth is like a score that tells us she has been a part of many important projects, and many people like watching her on screen.

Virginie Efira Physical Attributes: Height and Weight

Virginie Efira is a tall lady. She stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches. That means she is taller than many other people. Also, she weighs 58 kilograms. This weight is perfect for her height, making her look very nice in movies and TV.

Virginie has brown hair, which suits her very well. Her height, weight, and brown hair together help her play different roles in movies. She can look like many types of characters because of how she looks. Virginie takes good care of her health to stay in shape for her acting roles.

She must be strong and healthy to do everything her film characters do. Her physical look is just one part of what makes her a great actress.

Virginie Efira Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Boyfriend & More

Virginie Efira Parents

Virginie Efira’s mom and dad are Carine Verelst and André Efira. They come from a place called Brussels in Belgium, just like Virginie. Her dad, André, has a very important job where he helps people who are sick with blood diseases and cancer. He is known as a hemato-oncologist.

That’s a big word, but it just means he’s a doctor who is good at treating very specific kinds of sickness. Virginie’s mom, Carine, also plays a big role in her life, but we don’t know as much about what she does. Together, they raised Virginie in Brussels, giving her a loving home and supporting her dreams.

Virginie found her passion for acting from a young age, and her parents were there to cheer her on. They must be very proud of all the movies she’s been in and how many people she’s made happy with her acting.

Virginie Efira Husband/Boyfriend

Virginie Efira has a special person named Niels Schneider. They both acted in movies and met while making two films together. Those films are called “An Impossible Love” and “Sibyl.” Since 2017, they have been a couple, sharing their lives.

On August 28, 2023, something wonderful happened to them. They became parents to a baby boy, adding joy to their family. Now, Virginie, Niels, and their son live together in a place called the 11th arrondissement. It’s a part of Paris, a big and famous city in France. They share their home there, making memories as a family.

Virginie Efira’s Noteworthy Achievements and Awards

Virginie Efira is a very talented actress who has been recognized for her amazing work in movies. She has received many awards and nominations, like big thumbs-ups from the movie world. Let’s talk about some of these special moments in her career.

In 2011, people who watch movies gave her a big cheer at the Magritte Awards, and she won an Audience Award. This means a lot of people liked her acting. That same year, she was also in the running for Best Supporting Actress for a movie called “Kill Me Please,” but she didn’t win that time. Then, in 2016, at the Magritte Awards again, she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “Elle” and also got a nomination for Best Actress. This shows she was doing great in her acting.

In 2023, Virginie won a Lumières Award for her role in “Other People’s Children.” This is a big deal because it’s like saying she’s one of the best actresses in France. She also won the César Award for Best Actress for “Paris Memories.” The César Awards are a huge deal, like the Oscars in France.

In 2024, she was nominated again for a Lumières Award for Best Actress for a movie called “All to Play For” and also got a César Award nomination for Best Actress for “Just the Two of Us.” Even though these were nominations and not wins, it’s still super cool because it shows that people think she’s good at acting.

Virginie Efira has shown that she can play many different roles in movies, and people enjoy watching her. These awards and nominations are like gold stars, telling her she’s doing an awesome job.

Virginie Efira Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Boyfriend & More

The Future Prospects of Virginie Efira

Looking ahead, Virginie Efira has lots of exciting things coming her way. She’s already shown the world how great she is at acting in various movies. People everywhere love watching her bring characters to life. Because she’s so talented, we can expect to see her in even more movies.

Directors and moviemakers want to work with actors who do an amazing job, and that’s Virginie. She might even try new kinds of roles we haven’t seen her in before. Plus, with all the awards and good words she’s gotten, more opportunities will surely come her way.

Virginie might also keep writing, bringing new stories she helped create to the screen. Who knows? She could win more awards and become famous in new places worldwide. For Virginie Efira, the future looks very bright, with endless possibilities.

Social Media Presence

Virginie Efira loves sharing parts of her life with her fans online. She uses social media to post pictures and stories about her work and fun moments. On platforms like Instagram, she gives a peek into her life behind the scenes of movies and what she does when she’s not acting.

Virginie also shares moments from her travels and special times with her family and friends. She enjoys connecting with people who like her movies. Her posts show fans the different places she visits, the books she reads, and sometimes what she cooks.

Social media allows Virginie to stay close to her fans and share happiness and beauty from her everyday life. It’s like a bridge that brings her closer to people who admire her work worldwide.


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Like many famous people, Virginie Efira has also been part of stories that have caused people to talk a lot. Sometimes, what she says or does might make some people unhappy. For example, Virginie has been very open about her thoughts on being Belgian and French, which has led to discussions.

Also, her roles in movies have sometimes sparked debates. Some of her movies deal with topics that only some agree on. This can make people have different opinions about her work. However, Virginie has always handled these situations with grace.

She listens to what others have to say and shares her views politely. It’s important to remember everyone has their ideas, and discussions can help us better understand each other. Virginie believes in being true to herself and respectful to others, even during disagreements.

Virginie Efira Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Boyfriend & More


writing stories

Virginie Efira loves doing fun things when she’s not acting in movies or writing stories.

Reading books

One of her hobbies is reading books. She enjoys diving into exciting stories and learning new things from the pages of a book.


Another hobby is traveling. Virginie likes to explore new places and see beautiful sights worldwide.


She also enjoys cooking. Trying out new recipes and making tasty meals for her friends and family is something she finds very fun.


Painting is another way Virginie likes to express herself. She uses colors and brushes to create lovely pictures.


When she wants to relax, she listens to music. Different tunes and melodies help her unwind and feel happy. Lastly, Virginie loves spending time outdoors, especially walking in nature. It helps her feel peaceful and refreshed. These hobbies bring joy to Virginie’s life when she’s not busy with work.


Virginie Efira is 47 years old.

She was born in Brussels, Belgium.

Virginie Efira is an actress and a writer.

Virginie has won awards like the Lumières Award and the César Award for her acting.

Virginie's special someone is Niels Schneider, an actor she met on set.

Virginie and Niels Schneider welcomed a baby boy in 2023.

It's believed that Virginie Efira's net worth is about $185 million.

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Ultimately, Virginie Efira is a shining star in the movie world. She has shown us many beautiful stories on the big screen. Her talent in acting and writing has touched the hearts of many people everywhere. Virginie has worked very hard and has become very successful.

She has a lot of fans who admire her and love watching her movies. With her amazing skills, she has won awards and gotten lots of praise. She has a loving family with Niels Schneider and their cute baby boy. Looking at everything Virginie has done, she has a bright future ahead of her.

We can’t wait to see what new stories she will share in her upcoming movies. Virginie Efira is truly an inspiring person who shows us that dreams can come true with hard work and passion.

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