Rachel Ticotin Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Profession, Husband& More

Rachel Ticotin Strauss is a famous American actress who has appeared in many movies and TV shows. You may have seen her in films like Fort Apache, The Bronx, Total Recall, Falling, and Con Air. She is good at playing different characters and making them seem real. This is called acting. Rachel was born in the United States and has worked since she was young.

She is very talented and has worked hard to become a successful actress. Many people enjoy watching her on screen because she is so good at her work.

Let’s learn more about Rachel Ticotin and her life!

Quick Bio

Name Rachel Ticotin
Real name Rachel Ticotin Strauss
DOB November 1, 1958
Age November 1, 1958,
Net Worth $4 million
Profession Acting& Modeling
Gender Female
Husband Peter Strauss

Who is Rachel Ticotin?

Rachel Ticotin is a well-known actress from America. She was born on November 1, 1958, in The Bronx, New York City. This means she has been sharing her talent with the world for a long time. Rachel has been a part of many movies you might have heard of or even watched. Some of these movies include “Fort Apache and The Bronx,” where she started showing how great she is at acting. Then, she worked in “Total Recall,” a movie full of adventure and exciting moments.

She also appeared in “Falling” and “Con Air,” among other films. These roles helped her become more famous and showed everyone how good she is at becoming different characters. Rachel’s job is to pretend to be someone else in movies and on TV, and she does it so well that it feels real. That’s what makes her a special actress.

People all over enjoy watching her because she knows how to tell a story with her acting. She started this acting journey when she was quite young and has been doing it ever since, making many people happy by being in Rachel ticotin movies and TV shows.

Rachel Ticotin Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Profession, Husband& More

Rachel Ticotin Career

Rachel Ticotin started acting when she was very young. She was already in a big play in New York City at just ten years old. This was a big deal because working in cities is challenging theatre when you’re just a kid. When Rachel was 12, she was an amazing ballet dancer. Ballet is a type of dance that needs a lot of practice and skill.

Rachel worked hard and became very good at it. Then, in 1978, Rachel did something very exciting. She was in a movie for the first time. The film was called “King of the Gypsies.” In this movie, Rachel shows her skills by dancing. This was the beginning of her movie career. After that, Rachel acted in many more films and TV shows.

She played many different kinds of people, showing she could be good at any role. Rachel ticton worked hard and became a famous actress because she loves acting and is very good at it. She has been in the acting world for a long time and has done great work in movies and TV.

Rachel Ticotin Age

Rachel Ticotin was born on November 1, 1958, long ago. Considering her current age, she will be 66 as of 2024. Imagine all the birthdays she has celebrated! That’s a lot of candles on a birthday cake.

Being born in 1958 means Rachel grew up in times that are very different from now. Think about all the changes she has seen in the world and movies since she was a kid like you.

Being 66 years old also means she has had many years to work on her acting and become good at it. She started acting when she was younger than some of your parents and has been doing it for over 50 years! That’s a long time to be doing something you love.

Rachel Ticotin Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Profession, Husband& More

Rachel Ticotin Net Worth

 Rachel ticotin movies and TV shows, she has earned quite a bit of money. You might wonder, “How much money does she have?” Well, Rachel Ticotin has saved up and now has $4 million.

That’s a really big number! Imagine all the things you could buy with that amount of money. But remember, she only got some of this money quickly. It took many years of acting in different roles, showing up on big screens, and making people enjoy her performances.

This shows us that if we work hard at something we love, as Rachel did with acting, we can achieve great things. It’s important to keep trying and learning, just like she did, to reach our goals.

Rachel Ticotin Husband

Rachel Ticotin has been married to a man named Peter Strauss. Peter Strauss is also famous because he acts in movies and TV shows, just like Rachel. They both share a love for acting, which they probably talk about a lot. Imagine both of you coming home and discussing your day, pretending to be someone else! That sounds like fun. They got married in 1998, meaning they have been together for a long time. ‘

Being married for many years shows that they care deeply for each other and have shared many happy moments. Like in stories where characters go on adventures and face challenges, Rachel and Peter have their real-life tale.

Rachel Ticotin Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Profession, Husband& More

Family & Relatives

Rachel Ticotin has a family who loves her very much. Her father’s name is Abe Ticotin, and her mother’s is Iris Torres. That means her parents are her biggest fans and have supported her since she was a little girl. Rachel has brothers and a sister who share many fun times with her. Her brothers are David Ticotin, Sahaj Ticotin, and Marcus Ticotin. They must have had a lot of adventures together growing up! Her sister is Nancy Ticotin, who is also an actress. Imagine having a sister who does the same cool job as you; they probably help each other out and share tips on acting.

Rachel is married to Peter Strauss, and they have been together since 1998. That’s a long time to be with someone, showing they care for each other. Together, Rachel and Peter have one child. Having a child means Rachel is not just an actress but also a mom.

She cares for her family and loves spending time with them when she’s not acting. Rachel ticton family is important to her, just like your family is important to you. They help, cheer for her, and are always there for her, just like a team. A supportive family and relatives can make anyone feel happy and strong, ready to take on the world, just like Rachel Ticotin does when acting in movies and TV shows.

Rachel Ticotin Education

Rachel Ticotin is not just talented in acting and dancing; she also focuses on her education. She went to a special school called the Professional Children’s School. This school is different from most schools. It’s designed for kids working as actors, dancers, or in other arts. It helps them keep up with their studies while pursuing their artistic dreams.

Rachel was a student there, balancing learning from books and teachers with practising acting and dancing. She worked hard and finished her schooling, becoming a graduate. This shows that Rachel believed education is important, even when you’re chasing your dreams in the arts. She made sure to learn a lot both inside and outside of school.

This helped her become even better at her acting job because she understood many different things. Being educated and talented in acting made Rachel Ticotin a well-rounded and successful person.

Rachel Ticotin Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Profession, Husband& More

Rachel Ticotin Height, Weight & Physical Stats

Rachel Ticotin is talented at acting and has a queued look that helps her stand out in movies and TV shows. She is about 5 feet 6 inches tall. That means she is taller than many, but it’s the perfect height for her film roles. Rachel weighs around 57 kilograms, which is just right for her height. She works hard to stay healthy and fit for her acting roles.

Ticotin Rachel has beautiful black hair and eyes that catch your attention. These features make her look strong and confident on and off the screen. Her body measurements are 30-25-34 inches, which means her body is shaped like a pear.

This is just another part of what makes her unique and helps her bring her characters to life in her acting. Rachel takes good care of herself, which shows when you see her perform. She’s not just a great actress; she also has a distinct appearance that people remember.

Awards and Nominations

Rachel Ticotin has been recognized for her amazing acting, with nominations for several awards. In 1998, she was nominated twice at the ALMA Awards. One nomination was for being an awesome actress in the TV movie “First Time Felon.” The other was for her role in a big film, “Con Air,” where she did a great job. At the Saturn Awards in 1991, she got a nomination for being the best supporting actress in the movie “Total Recall.”

This movie was full of adventure, and she helped make it exciting. Then, in 1998 again, the Blockbuster Entertainment Award nominated her as the favourite supporting actress in an action movie for her role in “Con Air.” These nominations are like gold stars, showing Rachel did a great job in her films and TV shows. People noticed her hard work and thought she was good at pretending to be someone else on screen.

Rachel Ticotin Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Profession, Husband& More

Social Media Presence

Rachel Ticotin might be a big movie star, but when it comes to social media, she likes to keep things a bit private. Unlike many celebrities who share much of their lives online, Rachel prefers to stay behind the scenes. This means she only posts a few pictures or messages on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. She believes in keeping some parts of her life just for her and her family, away from the public eye.

However, fans still find ways to share their love and support for her through fan pages and groups discussing her movies and acting. Even without a big social media presence, Ticotin Rachel work in films and TV shows keeps her fans excited and looking forward to seeing her on screen.


Rachel Ticotin has many interests outside of acting that she enjoys doing in her free time. Here are some of her hobbies: 

Reading: Rachel loves to read books. It’s like acting but inside your head. You can imagine the story and the characters just by looking at words on a page.

Gardening: She enjoys spending time in her garden, planting flowers and caring for plants. It’s a way for her to relax and enjoy nature. 

Dancing: Even though she became a famous actress, Rachel never forgot her love for dancing. She still dances as a hobby, remembering her ballet days.

Cooking: Rachel likes to cook meals for her family. It’s like a magic show in the kitchen, turning ingredients into yummy food. 

Hiking: She loves to go hiking. Walking in nature helps her feel calm and happy, and it’s good exercise, too.

Painting: Rachel also likes to paint. With brushes and colours, she creates beautiful pictures that can tell stories without words.

These hobbies help Rachel Ticotin relax and have fun while not working on movies or TV shows. They show she enjoys creative and outdoor activities, making her life enjoyable and joyful.


Rachel has acted in some cool movies like "Fort Apache, The Bronx," "Total Recall," "Falling," and "Con Air." She plays different kinds of people in these movies.

Rachel was born on November 1, 1958, which makes her 66 years old as of 2024.

Rachel has brothers named David, Sahaj, and Marcus Ticotin and a sister named Nancy Ticotin, who is also an actress.

Rachel is married to Peter Strauss, who is also an actor. They have been together since 1998.

Rachel and her husband, Peter Strauss, have one child together.

Rachel is about 5 feet 6 inches tall. This height is perfect for her roles in movies.

Before becoming famous for acting, Rachel was an amazing ballet dancer when she was 12. She started acting in big plays in New York City at just ten years old.

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Rachel Ticotin is a talented actress who has shown us how amazing she can be in movies and TV shows. From dancing beautifully as a little girl to acting in big movies, she has done a lot of hard work. Rachel has shown that if you love doing something and work hard, you can become really good and make your dreams come true. She teaches us that it’s important to keep learning, whether in school or by doing things you love, like acting.

Ticotin Rachel has a happy family who supports her, and she also takes care of her health and stays fit. All these things help her be a fantastic actress and a role model for us. Rachel Ticotin’s story tells us to chase our dreams, work hard, and never stop learning. She has done many cool things in her life, and her story can inspire us to do our best, too.

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