Mishka: A Masterpiece of Scandinavian Home Design in Sydney

Timeless Scandinavian Elegance: House Facade

Mishka stands as a stunning example of architectural brilliance, capturing the spirit of Scandinavian home design in Sydney. Inspired by the minimalist principles and clean lines characteristic of Nordic design, Mishka exudes a serene elegance that is both timeless and contemporary. The design harmoniously blends symmetry and unity, seamlessly merging with the surrounding landscape. The building’s intricate layout takes full advantage of the natural slope of the land, incorporating a diverse array of materials and textures to craft a facade that is both inviting and captivating.

Facade Highlights

  • Lower Section: Aspen stone cladding creates a solid, striking base that contrasts beautifully with the upper sections.
  • Upper Section: A refined mix of monument render and Decowood shadow line cladding in Spotted Gum adds depth and intricacy to the design.
  • Accents: Monument doors, windows, and garage doors result in a lively interplay of colours and shapes, drawing the observer’s attention.
    Great Room

Client Brief: The primary focus is on creating central living quarters designed for entertainment, with a seamless flow from the front to the back of the home. The space should offer a cozy sitting area for flexible configuration and planning.

Mishka boasts many unique features, but the most remarkable is the Great Room. Upon entering, visitors are immediately struck by its grandeur and meticulously balanced proportions. The room is anchored by a handmade custom wagon wheel pendant, serving as the heart of the home. The lighting scheme features warm accent lights and cool main downlights, enhancing the ambience. Steel elements from the front entry extend into the room, including steel doors and custom steel framing for the cellar. The room’s design directs the eye through to the backyard, where the ceiling height is accentuated by a large gum tree, grounding the house in its natural setting.

Glass Floor

Client Brief: This wasn’t part of the original brief but was suggested by the builder. It is a standout feature of the home. The glass floor establishes a visual connection between the subfloor and the great room.

The glass floor is a striking design element visually connecting the upper and lower levels. Complementing this feature, the space includes cobblestones and Aspen stacked stone cladding. Warm feature pendants and strip lighting enhance the ambience while integrating the great room’s posts to appear as if they continue to the subfloor, addressing a significant architectural challenge. Innovative lighting further enriches the design, with puck lights encased in copper pipes designed to resemble old water pipes, providing a unique aesthetic touch.

Alfresco Space for Outdoor Living

Client Brief: The objective is to achieve a smooth flow from indoor to outdoor spaces, with the capability to enclose the area completely. Additionally, the design should include an island bench equipped with a BBQ and a pizza oven.

The alfresco area is designed for full enclosure to shield from external elements. Innovative integration of Centor and retractable screening systems within hardwood posts allows for versatile use. Positioned to optimise sunset views and engagement with the rear landscape, it features a pizza oven with concealed downpipes for a seamless appearance. The pizza oven is clad with stacked stone and travertine, with a mosaic benchtop and wood storage below. Responding to the client’s brief, a BBQ on the island bench is complemented by an electronically retracting Rangehood. Equipped with fans, speakers, air conditioning, and a TV, it serves as the ultimate entertainment space. Overcoming challenges with hardwood posts and recessing of screens, a wall-mounted glass balustrade ensures full enclosure of the alfresco area.

Sunken Lounge with Fireplace and Pool Views

The sunken lounge was chosen to preserve pool and backyard views from the kitchen and dining areas. An innovative corner window overlooking the pool features a sheer curtain that can wrap around the corner into a pocket behind the TV. Fulfilling the client’s request, a fully stacked stone wood fireplace was installed while addressing the challenge of creating a non-combustible floor surface outside the fireplace by incorporating a travertine runway with steps, defining the sitting area. Timber elements were seamlessly integrated into the sunken lounge through a hardwood perimeter border. Adding a unique feature, a 1200mm large two-wing fan enhances the space. Recessing the TV into a niche along the main walkway avoids obstruction, and large sliding stacking doors ensure a seamless flow between the interior and exterior spaces.

Modern Kitchen

The kitchen boasts cabinets with a polyurethane finish in Lexicon Quarter colour and a slimline shaker profile, paired with wood matt oak detailing on the island bench below. The island bench showcases a 40mm Caesarstone Statuario Maximus benchtop with a quarter waterfall edge while surrounding benchtops feature a 20mm Caesarstone Statuario Maximus. The splashback also utilises Caesarstone Statuario Maximus. Appliances include an Ilve 900mm freestanding natural gas oven/stove and an Ilve 1000mm nostalgic AG series canopy rangehood. Illumination is provided by LED strip lighting and two wall sconces. Additional storage is provided by two sets of steel glass overhead cabinetry and wood matt oak shelving. The kitchen has an integrated dishwasher and a white porcelain dual farmhouse sink. All tapware and handles feature a brushed gunmetal finish. The flooring consists of Prestige Oak engineered flooring in the colour Crema by CTM. A notable detail is the feature Decowood 50x50mm deco batten in Spotted Gum. A challenge and innovation in the design include the bulkhead for a motorised blind over the sink, brought down to timber level for refined detail.


The scullery features Caesarstone 20mm benchtops in Snow colour, complemented by cabinets with a polyurethane finish in Spanish Olive. Woodmatt oak shelving adds a touch of warmth to the space. A feature mosaic finger tiles add visual interest, while gunmetal tapware and finger pull handles provide a modern touch. Appliances include a built-in microwave convection oven. LED strip lights below the overhead cabinetry illuminate the workspace. Addressing the client’s brief, the fridge is outside the main kitchen space to achieve a symmetrical back wall. The design also incorporates lots of prepping space and features shelves for food display, as per the client’s request.

Master Bedroom

The main bedroom boasts a Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic characterised by a gabled ceiling and expansive high glass panels, which enhance the natural light filling the room. The space features neutral tones and minimalist decor, centred around a luxurious, tufted bed complemented by soft linens and a decorative throw. A mini balcony offers a seamless connection to the outdoors, providing a lush backyard view. Integral to the bedroom is a large walk-in wardrobe thoughtfully designed to provide ample storage while maintaining direct access to the main bathroom, facilitating a blend of elegance and functionality in this space.

Modern Pool with Infinity Edge and Integrated Spa

Due to the slope of the land, the pool design incorporates an innovative retaining wall. It features three large 2.4m waterfalls cascading off the retaining wall. The pool is deep in the centre and includes an integrated spa with an infinity edge. Additionally, there is a 3m wading area and a bench seat that runs the whole length of the pool. Steel pool fencing is used to maintain continuity with the house’s theme.

Rear Facade

The home’s design integrates seamlessly with the land’s slope, with a rear facade that complements its contours. It boasts a fluid connection from the front entry through to the rear landscape, emphasising an open feel. The elevated alfresco area provides views of the western sunset and includes a recessed centre and motorised retractable screening to manage the western sun and elements. Additionally, the alfresco’s parapet roof design allows for cathedral ceilings in the great room, enhancing the influx of afternoon sun and reinforcing the connection between the home’s front and rear.


In summary, Mishka is a testament to the harmonious blend of Scandinavian elegance and modern sophistication, crafted meticulously by Fyffe Design. Each element, from the Aspen stone cladding to the innovative glass floor, has been designed to create a home that is both stunning and functional. The Great Room’s grandeur, the versatile alfresco space, and the serene master bedroom all contribute to an environment that is as inviting as it is impressive.

Fyffe Design takes pride in every detail, ensuring that Mishka not only meets but exceeds the client’s brief, providing a cohesive and beautifully crafted living space. This project stands as a shining example of our commitment to transforming houses into timeless homes. For our team at Fyffe Design, Mishka embodies our love for design and our drive to create living spaces that are both functional and inspiring.

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