Lili Simmons Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career, Boyfriend, Education & More

Lili Simmons is a famous actress and model from America. She is well known for her role as Rebecca Bowman on the popular TV show Banshee. Lili has also appeared in several films and other television series.

She has captivated audiences with her talent and beauty, making her a rising star in Hollywood. In addition to acting, Lili has also modeled for various brands and magazines. She has gained a huge following on social media, where she shares updates about her career and personal life.

Quick Bio

Name Lili Simmons
Date of Birth: July 23, 1993
Age 31
Net worth 2 millions
Place of birth:

Cardiff-by-the-Sea in California.

Height (m): 5 feet and 7 inches
Religion: Christendom
Marital status: In relation

Who Is Lili Simmons?

Lili Simmons is an actress and model from the United States. She became famous for playing Rebecca Bowman on a TV show called Banshee. Lili was born on July 23, 1993, in her 31s. Her hometown is a place called Cardiff-by-the-Sea in California.

From a young age, Lili started showing her talent in acting and also worked as a model. People like watching her because she is very good at acting and looks beautiful on TV and in pictures. Lili has also been in other movies and TV shows, making more people know who she is.

She enjoys sharing bits of her life and work with fans online. Many people admire her and are excited to see what she does next in her career.

Lili Simmons Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career, Boyfriend, Education & More

Early Life and Career

Lili Simmons’ journey into the spotlight began early, following a fortuitous discovery by talent manager Kate Linden when she was just 15 years old. This pivotal moment began her journey in the entertainment industry, initially establishing herself as a model. With her striking looks and natural charisma, Lili quickly found success, working with prestigious brands and companies.

She graced campaigns for Bebe Stores, Roxy, and J.C. Penney and even featured in advertisements for Saturn, showcasing her versatility and appeal across a broad spectrum of audiences. Transitioning from modeling to acting, Lili Simmons showcased her ability to captivate audiences with her appearance and talent.

Her most notable role as Rebecca Bowman in the critically acclaimed television series “Banshee” catapulted her to fame, proving her mettle as an actress. This role opened up more doors in Hollywood for Simmons, allowing her to demonstrate her range across various genres. Her career is a testament to her dedication and the diverse skills she possesses, blending the worlds of modeling and acting with seamless grace.

Lili Simmons Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career, Boyfriend, Education & More

Lili Simmons Education

Lili Simmons grew up in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California. When she was young, she loved acting and being in front of the camera. Lili went to school like other kids but also dreamed of becoming an actress.

As she grew up, she worked hard on her studies and acting skills. Lili’s education played a big part in helping her understand different roles and stories. In 2010, when she was still quite young, Lili made a big step in her career.

She started acting in a web series called Hollywood Is Like High School with Money. This was her first big acting job, showing she was ready to move from modeling to acting. Even though she was busy with her career, Lili kept learning and growing. She always knew that being smart and educated would help her in acting and life.

Lili Simmons Age

Lili Simmons is an actress who was born on a summer day, July 23, in the year 1993. This special day is when her life’s story began in a place called Cardiff-by-the-Sea, which is in California. If we look at the calendar and see what year it is now 2024, we can figure out how old Lili is.

By doing some math and subtracting the year she was born from this year, we find out that Lili Simmons is 31. She has been on this earth for 31 years, growing, learning, and becoming the talented actress and model we know today. She has new adventures and accomplishments each year, making her life’s story even more interesting.

Lili Simmons Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career, Boyfriend, Education & More


Net Worth of Lili Simmons

Lili Simmons has worked hard in her career as an actress and model. Thanks to her roles in TV shows and movies and her work with different brands, Lili has made a good amount of money. It is estimated that Lili Simmons has a net worth of about $2 million.

This means she has earned $2 million from her work. Lili’s success comes from her acting in shows like Banshee and her modeling for big companies. Making money like this is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work and talent.

Lili shows that being dedicated to what you love doing can pay off. Her net worth proves her hard work and how much people enjoy her acting and modeling.

Height & Weight

Lili Simmons is quite tall. She stands 5 feet and 7 inches, about 170 centimeters tall. This height is more than what many people her age are. It makes her look graceful, especially when acting in movies or walking on the runway as a model.

Lili weighs about 58 kilograms. This is a healthy weight for someone of her height and age. Being fit and healthy helps Lili do all kinds of roles in movies and TV shows. It also helps her feel good and stay active.

Being the right weight for your height is important for everyone, not just actors or models. It helps you stay healthy and do your best in whatever you choose to do.

Lili Simmons Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career, Boyfriend, Education & More

Lili Simmons Boyfriend

Lili Simmons is in a relationship but keeps it very private, so not many people know who her boyfriend is. She likes to keep some parts of her life just for herself, so she doesn’t share much about her boyfriend on the internet or in interviews.

Even though fans are very curious about who she might be dating, Lili believes in keeping her love life away from the public eye. This shows that she values her personal space and the privacy of her relationship. While we might not know who her special someone is, it’s clear that Lili is happy in her relationship, which truly matters.

Lili Simmons Family

Lili Simmons comes from a loving family that has always supported her dreams. Her father’s name is Thomas Curtis, and her mother is Eve Simmons. Growing up in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California, Lili was surrounded by her family’s care and encouragement.

This support helped her feel confident in pursuing her acting and modeling goals. Lili’s parents saw her talent from a young age and helped her find ways to show it to the world. They were there for her when she took her first steps in the entertainment industry, from modeling for big brands to acting in TV shows and movies.

Thomas and Eve are proud of everything Lili has achieved. They continue to be a big part of her life, cheering her on as she works on new projects and follows her passions.

Lili Simmons Film

Lili Simmons has been in many movies. She started acting in movies in 2012. Her first movie was “Fat Kid Rules the World,” where she played a girl named Isabel. In 2015, she acted in a movie called “Bone Tomahawk” as Samantha O’Dwyer.

The next year, in 2016, she was in “Dirty Lies,” playing Michelle, and in a short film called “Robyn Hood: I Love NY” as Robyn Hood. In 2017, Lili was in two films. She played Sand in “Deux Face,” a short movie, and Riley in “Bad Match.” In 2021, she was in “Sound of Violence” as Marie Stoker.

Her most recent movie in 2022 was “Double Down South,” where she played Diana. Lili Simmons likes to act in movies, and people enjoy watching her. She has acted in different types of movies, showing she can play many roles.

Lili Simmons Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career, Boyfriend, Education & More

Lili Simmons’ Contributions Beyond Acting

Lili Simmons does more than act and model. She cares a lot about helping others and the world. Lili uses her fame to talk about important things. She wants to make the world a better place. Sometimes, she shares messages on the internet about being kind to animals and the earth.

Lili also helps by giving to charities. Charities are groups that help people, animals, or the planet. She believes it’s important to share and help when you can. Even though she loves acting and modeling, Lili knows that helping others is very important, too.

She shows us that being famous can be used to do good things and help make the world happier and healthier for everyone.

Social Media Presence

Lili Simmons loves to share parts of her life on the internet. She uses websites like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to post pictures and talk with her fans. On Instagram, she shares lots of photos. You can see pictures of her acting, modeling, and having fun.

She also posts stories about what she is doing every day. Lili does not make videos on YouTube much, but sometimes, you can find videos about her movies or TV shows there. On Facebook, Lili shares news about her work and some personal updates.

Twitter is where she talks more with her fans. She tweets about things she cares about and replies to people who message her. Lili’s social media pages let her stay close to people who like her acting and modeling. Fans enjoy seeing what she’s up to and learning more about her.


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Future Projects and Aspirations of Lili Simmons

Lili Simmons is always looking for new adventures in acting and modeling. She dreams of playing more roles in movies and TV shows that people will love. Lili wants to try different kinds of characters, from superheroes to everyday heroes, to show how talented she is.

She is also excited about working with other famous actors and directors who can teach her new things. Lili hopes to act in big movies that many people see in theaters. Besides acting, Lili wants to help young actors learn how to act. She thinks about teaching acting classes one day. Lili also wants to use her fame to help make the world better.

She plans to support more charities and discuss important issues that can help people and the planet. Lili has big dreams for the future and is working hard to make them come true. She believes that you can do anything you dream of with hard work and kindness.


Lili Simmons likes to do many fun things when she is not working. Here are some of her hobbies: –

Photography: Lili loves taking pictures. She enjoys capturing moments on a trip or having a good time with friends. 

Hiking: Being outdoors and exploring nature is something Lili likes. Hiking helps her relax and enjoy the beauty around her. 

Cooking: Lili enjoys making food. She likes trying new recipes and cooking delicious meals for her friends and family. 

Reading: Books are important to Lili. She loves reading because it lets her learn new things and enter exciting worlds. 

Traveling: Seeing new places is a big adventure for Lili. She loves to travel to different countries and learn about their cultures. 

Surfing: Growing up in California, Lili learned to surf. She likes to catch waves and feel the ocean breeze.

These hobbies show that Lili Simmons loves doing things that make her happy and help her learn new things.


Lili Simmons is an actress and a model. She acts in TV shows and movies and models for brands and magazines.

Lili was born on July 23, 1993, so you can figure out her age by subtracting 1993 from the current year.

She grew up in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California.

Yes, she played Rebecca Bowman in a TV show called "Banshee" and has been in other shows too.

She's acted in several, including "Fat Kid Rules the World" and "Bone Tomahawk."

Lili likes to keep her dating life private, so she doesn't share much about her boyfriend.

Lili is 5 feet and 7 inches tall.

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This blog taught us a lot about Lili Simmons, a talented actress and model. From her early start in California to her big roles in TV shows and movies, Lili has shown that hard work pays off. She has also shared her life with fans on social media, making her not just a star on screen but also a friend to many who admire her.

Lili’s story is very inspiring. It teaches us that you can achieve great things if you have a dream and work hard. Just like Lili, anyone with passion and dedication can reach their goals. Her journey also reminds us to support each other’s dreams, just like her family was for her.

Lili Simmons is not just an actress but a reminder to follow our hearts and work hard. We can’t wait to see what she does next.

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