Katt Williams Net Worth, Age, Career, Wife, Height, Weight & More

Katt Williams is a really funny man from America. He makes people laugh by telling jokes and acting in movies. His dad used to be in a group called the Black Panther Party. Katt started doing comedy when he was young and has become very successful. Katt Williams Net Worth $10 million. He has been in many movies and TV shows and has stand-up comedy specials.

Some of his most famous roles include Money Mike in “Friday After Next” and Bobby Shaw in “My Wife and Kids”. Katt is also known for his unique fashion sense, often wearing colorful and eccentric outfits.

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Quick Bio

Full Name Micah “Katt” Williams
Katt Williams Net Worth $10 Million
Date of Birth September 2, 1971
Age 53 Years 
Birth Place Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Currently, Live In Cincinnati
Profession Stand-Up Comedian, Actor, Singer, Rapper, Social Media Personality
Nationality American
Religion Christian

Who is Katt Williams?

Katt Williams is a famous comedian and actor from America. He was born on September 2, 1971, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Katt has a special talent for making people laugh with his jokes and performances. He has been in many movies and TV shows where he plays funny characters that people love.

Besides acting, Katt does stand-up comedy, telling jokes on stage in front of many people. He has worked hard to become successful and is known for his great humor. Katt has a unique style, often wearing bright and unusual clothes that make him stand out.

Even though he has faced some tough times, he keeps working hard to entertain people and make them happy. Katt Williams is not just a comedian; he is a person who brings joy and laughter to others.

Katt Williams Net Worth, Age, Career, Wife, Height, Weight & More

Early Life and Rise to Fame

Katt Williams was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on September 2, 1971. He was a bright kid with a big heart for making people smile. Katt discovered his love for comedy early in life. When he was just a kid, he noticed he had a talent for telling jokes and making people laugh.

This made him very happy. At 13, Katt decided to follow his dream of being a comedian. He left his home to perform comedy in clubs. This was a big step for someone so young, but Katt was brave and wanted to share his jokes with the world.

His hard work began to pay off when he moved to Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, more people got to see him perform. He was very funny and soon became popular. Katt’s special way of telling jokes and seeing the funny side of life helped him stand out.

People loved his shows, and he got invited to be on TV and in movies. This was the beginning of Katt Williams becoming a star. His talent and hard work led him from performing in small clubs to being known nationwide.

Breakthrough and Major Career Highlights

Katt Williams became famous after working on big projects many loved. One of his first big moments was when he acted in “Friday After Next.” In this movie, he played a funny character named Money Mike and made many people laugh. This role helped Katt become more well-known and showed everyone how talented he was.

After that, he got to be in more movies and TV shows. Another big moment for Katt was when he had his stand-up comedy special on TV. This was a big deal because it meant he was one of the top comedians. People all over the country watched him tell jokes and have fun on stage. These specials were so good that he made more of them.

Katt also worked on a TV show called “My Wife and Kids,” where he played Bobby Shaw. This role was important because it showed he could be funny in TV shows, not just movies. These moments were very special in Katt Williams’s career and helped him become the star he is today.

Katt Williams Net Worth, Age, Career, Wife, Height, Weight & More

Katt Williams Net Worth and Financial Success

Katt Williams has made much money from being funny and acting in movies and TV shows. People enjoy his humor so much that they pay to see him perform live or watch his comedy specials on TV. Katt has earned a lot of money because of his hard work and talent. It’s said that Katt Williams net worth is around $10 million. This means he has $10 million worth of money and things he owns.

This big amount comes from all the funny jokes he tells and the characters he plays. Making people laugh brought Katt happiness and helped him become very successful in making money. He lives a life where he can buy nice things because of his success in comedy and acting.

Personal Life And Family

Katt Williams likes to keep his personal life private, but we know a little about his family. He has been married before and is a father to eight children. Some of these kids are his by birth, and some he adopted to give them a loving home. Being a dad is very important to Katt, and he tries to be the best father he can be. Even though he is very busy making people laugh, he always makes time for his family.

Katt believes that family is very special, and they come first before anything else. We don’t know much about his wife or if he is married now because he likes to keep that part of his life just for himself and his loved ones. What’s clear is that Katt loves being a dad and values his family a lot.

The Rise of Katt Williams in Comedy and Acting

Katt Williams worked very hard to become famous in comedy and acting. Initially, he was just a young man telling jokes in clubs. People loved his humor, so he got more chances to perform. As he got better, more people came to see him. Katt was good at making people laugh and soon served in small places and big theaters, too. His talent in comedy caught people’s attention in movies and TV shows.

This meant Katt started to act in films and on television. He showed he could make people laugh on stage, film, and TV. Some of his most known work includes his funny roles in “Friday After Next” and his voice in an animated movie called “The Boondocks.” Katt’s way of making people laugh and his acting skills made him a star.

He didn’t just stay in one place; he worked hard to reach more people by doing shows all over the country and being in movies and TV shows that many people liked. His journey from a young comedian to a famous actor shows how much he has achieved.

Katt Williams Net Worth, Age, Career, Wife, Height, Weight & More

Major Achievements and Awards

Katt Williams has won many awards because he is very funny and talented. He has been recognized by the BET Comedy Awards, where he won for his amazing work. Katt also got an Emmy Award, a big deal in TV and movies. This award was for his guest role on a show called “Atlanta,” where he showed that he can be funny and serious.

People all over the world saw how good he was in this role, and it made them appreciate his talent even more. Besides these awards, Katt has been nominated for other prizes, showing that many people think he is great at what he does. These awards help everyone remember how much Katt has done in comedy and acting.

Katt Williams Age

Micah Sierra “Katt” Williams, known widely for his unparalleled comedic talent and magnetic stage presence, was born on September 2, 1971. As of when this article was written, Williams stands as a veteran in the entertainment industry at 53. His journey through the realms of comedy and acting commenced in his early 20s, a testament to the decades he has dedicated to perfecting his craft and entertaining audiences worldwide.

Over the years, Williams has not only aged in terms of years but has matured in his comedy, showing a depth and versatility that has allowed him to remain relevant and beloved by fans of all ages. His age reflects not just the passage of time but the growth of a career that has seen highs and lows, all contributing to the legacy of Katt Williams as an enduring figure in the entertainment world.

Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Katt Williams is a man who catches people’s eyes not just because he is funny but also because of his appearance. He stands 5 feet 5 inches tall, about the same height as an average kitchen fridge lying down! When it comes to his weight, he keeps himself around 145 pounds, which is like if you were carrying around a big microwave oven. Katt is known for his unique style, too.

He often wears his hair in long, curly locks that are easy to spot in a crowd. His dress sense is just as bold as his personality, usually wearing colorful suits and hats that make him stand out even more. People remember him not only for his jokes but also for his cool and different way of dressing and his confident way of walking into a room.

Challenges and Controversies

Katt Williams has had some tough times, too. Just like anyone, he has made mistakes. Sometimes, he got into trouble with the law for not following the rules. He had to go to court a few times, where a judge decided if someone had done something wrong. These moments were hard for him and made people wonder about his actions. Also, Katt has been in arguments with other people that got a lot of attention.

Sometimes, these disagreements were in public places where others could see. This saddened some fans because they loved watching him make jokes and act in movies and TV shows. But Katt kept going, trying to do better each time. He didn’t give up on making people laugh, even when things got hard.

Katt Williams Net Worth, Age, Career, Wife, Height, Weight & More

Katt Williams Children

Katt Williams is known not just for his comedy and acting but also for being a dad. He has two children, Leanne Williams and Micah Williams. Being a parent is a big part of his life. Like any dad, Katt loves his kids and tries to spend time with them whenever possible.

Having a busy career means Katt has to work hard to balance his job and family time. But he always makes sure to be there for his children, showing them love and support. It’s important to him that he’s a good dad. Katt’s children sometimes see what their dad does for work, which must be exciting.

Even though being a famous comedian and actor takes up much time, Katt Williams prioritizes his family, ensuring his children feel cared for and happy.

Katt Williams Wife

Katt Williams was once married to a lady named Quadirah Locus. They were together for a time and had a child. Later on, they decided to go separate ways, which means they got a divorce. After this, Katt started a new relationship with someone named Eboni Grey.

They spend time together and share parts of their lives. Katt’s personal life, especially with Quadirah and Eboni, shows he cares about family and close relationships. Even though he’s famous and has a busy life making people laugh, he also has people he loves and cares for, just like everyone else.

Social Media Presence

Katt Williams knows how to use the internet to stay close to his fans. He has accounts on big websites like Instagram and Twitter, where many people share pictures and stories. Katt posts funny things, photos of his life, and sometimes messages about what he thinks is important.

This way, even if you can’t see him on stage or in a movie, you can still find out what he’s doing and laugh by looking at your phone or computer. Lots of people follow him to see his updates. Katt’s good at using social media to ensure his fans always have something to smile about.


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Playing video games: Katt loves spending some of his free time playing fun. It’s a way for him to relax and have a good time.

Collecting rare sneakers: He has a cool hobby of collecting different sneakers that are hard to find. This shows he likes shoes a lot! 

Watching movies: Just like us, Katt enjoys watching movies. It’s a great way for him to enjoy stories and see other actors perform.

Reading books: Katt likes to read books. It helps him learn new things and enjoy exciting stories.

Riding motorcycles: He finds joy in riding motorcycles. It’s a thrilling hobby that gives him a sense of adventure. 

Performing rap music: Aside from making jokes, Katt also enjoys making music, especially rap. It’s another way he expresses himself.

Playing basketball: Katt likes to play basketball. It keeps him active and is a fun way to hang out with friends.


Katt Williams makes people laugh by telling jokes and acting in movies and TV shows. He is a comedian and an actor.

He is 5 feet 5 inches tall. He's not tall but stands out because of his humor and style.

Yes, he won some awards because he's funny and good at acting. He even won an Emmy Award, which is a big deal! 4

Sometimes, Katt didn't follow the rules, which led to him getting in trouble with the law. But he tries to do better each time.

He was born in 1971, making him 53 years old.

Katt has been in movies like "Friday After Next" and lent his voice to characters in animated shows like "The Boondocks."

Yes, he does! Katt is known for wearing colorful suits and hats and has long, curly hair. He has a cool and different way of dressing.

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In this story about Katt Williams, we learned a lot. He is a man who has made many people laugh with his jokes. From small clubs to big theaters, Katt showed everyone how funny he could be. Not only did he make us laugh, but he also acted in movies and TV shows, winning awards for how good he was.

Yes, Katt faced hard times and got into trouble, but he never stopped trying to improve. He’s known for being funny, his cool style, and how he carries himself. Through the ups and downs, Katt Williams keeps showing us that you can keep moving forward no matter what happens.

His story teaches us the power of not giving up, even when things get tough. Katt Williams has been making us laugh for many years, and earn money estimate Katt Williams Net Worth is $10 million.


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