Izzy Green Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Education, Boyfriend, Height & More

 Izzy Green is a popular model and social media sensation who has taken the Internet by storm. At just 21 years old, Izzy has already made a name for herself in the entertainment industry, amassing a large following on various social media platforms.

Born and raised in Brazil, Izzy moved to the United States to pursue her dreams of becoming a model. She quickly gained recognition for her stunning looks and unique sense of style, which led to her being signed by multiple modelling agencies.

Quick Bio

 Name Izzy Green
Known As Izzy Green and Izzygreenxo
Nationality Brazilian
Birthplace Brazil
Date of Birth 7th of February 2003
Age 21 years
Gender Female

Who Is Izzy Green?

Izzy Green is a well-known model and star on social media and OnlyFans. She was born Friday, February 7 2003 in Brazil but now lives in America. Izzy is famous for sharing pictures and videos that show her style and beauty.

Many people around the world follow her on the Internet. She works with big companies that want her to model their clothes and products. Izzy also talks to her fans on social media and shares her life with them. She is not just a model but also a significant influence on the Internet.

People like to see what she will do next. Izzy Green has a big dream to keep growing in her career and to help others. She is a busy person, always working on new projects and ideas. Izzy loves to share her journey with everyone who supports her.

Izzy Green Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Education, Boyfriend, Height & More

Early Life

Izzy Green was born in Brazil on February 7, 2003. As a child, she loved to dress up and pose for photos, showing an early interest in fashion and modelling. Growing up, Izzy spent a lot of time learning about different cultures, which made her dream of travelling the world.

Her family supported her dreams and always encouraged her to follow her heart. Izzy did well in school but knew her passion was modelling and entertaining others. Even as a young girl, she clearly envisioned making it big in the entertainment industry. This early determination set the stage for her future success.

Izzy Green Age

Izzy Green was born on a sunny day in Brazil on February 7, 2003. This makes her a special star in the modelling world. Now, in 2024, Izzy is 21 years old. Being so young, she has done many amazing things in her career.

Many people her age are just starting, but Izzy has been chasing her dreams for a long time. At 21, she shows us that age is just a number when it comes to following your heart and doing what you love.Her birthday is a fun fact about her that many fans remember because it helps them feel closer to her.

Izzy Green Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Education, Boyfriend, Height & More

Izzy Green Career

Izzy Green embarked on her career journey remarkably young, signalling a promising future in modelling and social media. Her initial foray into social media began in 2021 when she made her Instagram debut.

The first image she shared was a captivating snapshot of herself perched on a car, a post that quickly caught the viewers’ attention and marked the start of her rapid rise to fame. This strategic move showcased her innate modelling talent and ability to connect with an audience through relatable and aspirational content.

As her online presence grew, Izzy’s career took a significant leap forward, attracting collaborations with renowned fashion brands and endorsements. This early exposure to the industry paved the way for numerous opportunities, enabling her to diversify her portfolio across various platforms, including the exclusive content-sharing site OnlyFans.

Izzy’s career trajectory is a testament to her dedication, hard work, and the strategic use of social media to build a personal brand that resonates with a global audience.

Izzy Green Net Worth

Izzy Green has done very well in her modelling and social media career. She makes money from working with big fashion brands and sharing unique content online.

Because of all her hard work and being very good at what she does, Izzy has earned a lot of money. Right now, it is thought that she has around $300,000. This money comes from her photos, videos, and the ads she does for companies.

Izzy also gets paid for wearing certain clothes and showing them to her followers. Even though she is young, Izzy has been brilliant about her career and making money. This shows how successful she has become in a short time.

Izzy Green Height, Weight & Physical Stats

Izzy Green is a tall and slim model, standing at 5 feet 7 inches tall. That’sThat’s about as tall as a grown-up man! She weighs 126 pounds, which is just suitable for her height. Izzy’s body measurements are 32 inches around her bust, 25 inches around her waist, and 36 inches around her hips.

This shows she has a slim and healthy body shape. Her eyes are a pretty hazel colour, kind of like a mix between brown and green. Izzy has brown hair, which looks lovely with her eye colour. She takes good care of her body and appearance, which helps her in her modelling career

Izzy Green Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Education, Boyfriend, Height & More

Izzy Green Notable Achievements and Awards

Izzy Green has done some fantastic things in her career. Even though she is very young, she has already won awards and been recognized for her work. Izzy has been featured in famous fashion magazines, a big deal for a model.

Last year, she was also named one of the top new models by a vital fashion website. This was a huge honour because it meant people saw her as a future star in modelling. Besides these, Izzy has worked with big fashion brands in their advertising campaigns, which many models dream of doing.

She hasn’t won big awards like the Oscars because she is a model, not an actress, but being recognized in the fashion world is just as unique.

Izzy Green Boyfriend

Izzy Green is in a relationship but hasn’t yet shared who her boyfriend is. She likes to keep some parts of her life private, so she doesn’t talk much about her boyfriend on the Internet. Izzy believes some things are unique and should be kept between her and her boyfriend.

This is why, even though many people are curious, she chooses not to share his name or pictures of them. It’s important to respect her choice to keep this part of her life away from the public eye. Izzy is happy in her relationship, and that’s what matters.

Izzy Green Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Education, Boyfriend, Height & More

Izzy Green Education

After finishing high school, Izzy Green decided to learn more. She went to college and worked very hard. She chose Biology because she loves nature and wanted to understand how life works.

Izzy was very good at her studies. She always did her best in class and with her schoolwork. Because of her hard work, she got the highest grades possible.

She finished college with a Bachelor in Biology and got First Class Honours. This means she was one of the best students. Izzy showed that she’s not just about modelling and being famous online. She is also intelligent and loves to learn new things.

Social Media Presence

Izzy Green is famous on social media. She has a lot of people who like and follow her online. Izzy has gotten 12 million likes on TikTok because she posts fun and exciting videos. People enjoy watching them. On Instagram, she has 500,000 people who follow her.

That’s a huge number! It means so many people like to see her photos and stories about her life and work. One of her videos on Instagram got more than 400,000 views! That shows how much people like what she shares. Izzy uses social media to connect with her fans all over the world.

She shares parts of her life, her travels, and the beautiful outfits she wears. People love to see what she’s up to and learn about her adventures. Izzy’sIzzy’s presence on social media is a big part of her success.


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Upcoming Projects and Future Aspirations

Izzy Green always looks for new ways to grow and share her talents. She has big plans for the future that include more than just modelling. Izzy wants to start her clothing line to share her style with everyone. She thinks fashion should be fun for everyone, no matter how much money they have or where they live.

Izzy is also planning to use her fame to help others. She dreams of creating a charity that helps kids learn about art and fashion. She believes that when kids get to be creative, they can dream bigger and feel happier. Besides these projects, Izzy hopes to travel to new places for her modelling work.

She wants to see the world and meet her fans from different countries. Each new project is a step towards her dream of making a difference in the world and fashion. Izzy is excited to take on these challenges and hopes her fans will join her.


Izzy Green loves doing things that make her happy and active when she’s not working. Here are some of her favourite hobbies:

Traveling: Izzy loves to explore new places and learn about different cultures. She enjoys seeing beautiful landscapes and trying new foods. 

Photography: She likes taking pictures, especially of the places and outfits she visits. Photography helps her capture memories and share them with her fans. 

Reading: Izzy enjoys reading books, especially stories about adventure and fantasy. Reading takes her to different worlds and sparks her imagination. 

Fitness: Staying in shape is essential for her modelling career. Izzy likes to workout, run, and do yoga to keep her body healthy and strong. 

Fashion Designing: She has a keen interest in fashion and enjoys sketching new clothing designs. This hobby is a way for her to express her creativity and style. 

Cooking: Izzy likes to cook and try new recipes. She finds cooking fun and a way to relax. Making meals also lets her explore flavours from around the world. These hobbies keep Izzy busy and allow her to enjoy her time outside work.

Izzy Green Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Education, Boyfriend, Height & More


Izzy is 21 years old.

She was born in Brazil.

Izzy is a model and a social media star.

Yes, she has a boyfriend, but she keeps it private.

Izzy studied Biology in college.

Izzy is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Yes, Izzy wants to start her clothing line and create a charity for kids to learn about art and fashion.

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In this article, we’ve shared much about Izzy Green’s life, from her early years to how she’s doing now. We talked about her birthday, how she started her career, and all the great things she’s done so far. We also shared personal details, like her height and choice to keep her relationship private.

Izzy has worked hard and has become successful at a young age. She shows us that you can achieve your dreams with passion and hard work. Izzy’s story is inspiring because it tells us that it’s possible to do well in many areas, like school and modelling, at the same time.

As she continues working on new projects and dreams, we can’t wait to see what she does next. Izzy Green is not just a model but a role model for many people. Her journey teaches us to follow our hearts and work hard every day.

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