How to Get Your App Featured on the Google Play Store?

The fact that the number of Android device users are present in the manifold in almost every corner of the globe. So, the chances for the stong among the business world, no matter what industry you belong to.

However, the ultimate aim of all new entreprenuers/business owners who choose to develop Android application revolves around greater reach which leads to high download rate and as a result high revenue charts. The one position everyone wishes to reach featured app or Editor’s choice.

Many Android developers also want to see their apps to be features on Google Play. that exposure isn’t good only for bragging rights but also for your bottom line.  Numerous benefits that come along giving biggest boost to featured apps with greater download, greater reach, and ultimately, greater profits. All this is possible when you successfully accomplished the process of Android app development launch. 

Now, coming to the main point, let’s have a look at the basic, types, importance and ways to get your Android app featured on Google Play! 

What does it mean when an app is featured?

Featuring involves getting your mobile app showcased in selected sections of an app store, such as the Today tab or curated collections like “Must-have apps.” In the App Store, the Today tab is highly popular, making it akin to having your link on the main page of Google or Yandex in Russia.

These collections are curated manually by editors from Apple and Google, who personally select apps to be part of various lists and collections. While some collections are permanent, like “New games we love,” others may change based on seasonal considerations.

Why is it important to feature your Android apps?

The ultimate aim of any app is to generate revenue, and this is achieved by attracting users who discover and install the app. Being featured enhances the visibility of your product among regular app store users. It’s comparable to showcasing your products in the prominent display window of a store in a mall, ensuring that all passing customers have a chance to notice them.

How do you get featured on Google Play?

In order to get featured on Google Play, the app shall be unique, of quality, and comply with all Google requirements. Use the following metrics for assessment:

Subjective – ranking, feedbacks

Objective – performance and operational stability.

Google play has rolled out suggestions for many rules and recommendations for mobile app developers, though there hasn’t been any declaration on the secrets of featured apps. The method of the best and top-featured app selection is an officially commercial secret. However, all the featured apps have some thing in common. 

Based on this, we picked out a few tricks that will help your app to be included in one of the featured apps groups on Google Play Market.

  1. Analyze other popular or competitors’ mobile apps 

Begin by evaluating apps in your category and examining related ones. Utilize a reliable comparison tool to assess:

  • Design and interface
  • Set of functions and user convenience
  • Availability of developers’ feedback

Contrast this information with your app or those not featured in top charts. Identify the strengths of featured apps and what sets them apart. Analyze data to determine enhancements for your app to ascend in its category.

Discover 3–5 effective strategies employed by successful apps to outpace competitors. Implement these strategies to elevate your app’s standing.

  1. Ensure that your app is high performing 

Before promoting your app, ensure it’s technically sound with no bugs, unresponsive buttons, crashes, or hangs. Google assesses apps for featuring based on rendering time, emergency shut-down frequency, and battery discharge rate. Quick image downloading and minimal frozen screen response are crucial. 

Performance testing on various devices is essential, considering downloading rate, error frequency, and compatibility with other active programs. High-performing games shouldn’t compromise gadget efficiency, avoiding excessive RAM usage. Practicality is vital for featured apps, and the Google Play Console can aid in performance analysis.

  1. Improve your app’s UI/UX

For an app to be featured on Google Play Market, a crucial aspect is its well-thought-out user interface, which must align with Google’s requirements. The system emphasizes Material You design, aiming for a cohesive and unique look across various devices. Material You adapts styles individually for each gadget, incorporating colors that match user wallpapers. Key visual elements include rich and solid colors, ample spacing, large fonts, well-defined edges, and a preference for simplicity over acute angles. It’s essential to ensure the interface remains readable and visually appealing on all gadgets using Google Play.

  1. Improve the ranking of your mobile apps

Google considers user feedback when selecting featured groups, with over half of the top featured apps having ratings of 4.5 or higher. To enhance your app’s rating, encourage users to rate and provide feedback. Strategies include: 

  • continual app improvement, 
  • personalized offers, 
  • free services or low-cost subscriptions, 
  • in-app purchases using virtual currency, 
  • cross-platform promotion, 
  • referral incentives, and 
  • social media engagement. 

Monitoring the correlation between ranking increases and user feedback is crucial. Prioritize addressing comments promptly, demonstrating responsiveness on your app’s Google Market page, and consistently correcting errors based on user input. Analyzing metrics over periods helps analyze user reactions to updates and optimizations.

  1. Build an experience, not just a feature

Google favors apps that operate as legitimate businesses, emphasizing the importance of providing a comprehensive solution rather than just a feature. It’s essential to build an app with a range of features that effectively address the needs of your target audience. To understand user preferences, analyze reviews for both your app and competitors, paying attention to feature requests and suggestions.

  1. Optimize your app to work on various devices

For iOS apps to feature on the Play Market, they must be adapted for Android, meeting specific criteria like high-resolution monitor support (720p and above), compatibility with the latest Android versions, inclusion of Android buttons, a file size below 100 MB, and support for various Google Play-enabled devices. The adapted version should seamlessly blend with Android, and Google prioritizes apps exclusively available on the Play Market. Optimized apps for diverse gadgets, including tablets, TVs, and smartwatches, tend to receive prominence in the Editors’ Choice category.

  1. Advertise and reach

To enhance user engagement, feedback, and ratings, launching a high-quality ad campaign is crucial. Utilize diverse platforms like social networks, search engine and app advertisements, targeted marketing, PR efforts, and influencer collaborations. The success of these methods varies based on the app’s category and features. 

For games, promotion through bloggers, other apps, and social network targeting works well, while commercial services benefit from search engine advertising. Secure app reviews on thematic websites and reputable portals, emphasizing the importance of backlinks on Google Play for potential featuring in categories like Editors’ Choice.

  1. Increase your retention rate

Google assesses an app’s retention, measuring how often users download and subsequently delete it. Retention is a crucial factor influencing rankings. A low retention rate indicates users are dissatisfied, seeking alternatives. To address this, ensure your store page is clear and aligns with your app’s strengths. Optimize the page to accurately represent your app, reducing confusion and ultimately boosting retention.

  1. Build partnership relations in the business community and around

Build robust and enduring relationships within your industry by engaging with fellow developers and teams. Foster collaboration, co-create products, and share joint reviews to capture the attention of Google users. Strengthen your presence by:

  • Participating in Google events
  • Connecting with Google Play managers and editors on LinkedIn
  • Enlisting notable personalities as brand ambassadors
  • Forming partnerships with other brands

Establish a reliable interaction framework across various sectors, making your app accessible to diverse demographics. A universal design and functionality increase the likelihood of your app gaining recognition, piquing the interest of Google Play editors.

  1. Integrate technologies powered by Google

Google regularly rolles out innovative technologies for mobile app developers and presents them during the annual conference. Take into account such opportunities and grab the attention of the platform reps. Pay your attention to Flutter, Firebase, Action or other technologies. 

Stay updated with most recent trends and improvements. If your app is among the first users of the new technology, the chances of your app getting featured by the platform increase. 

  1. Take into account the holidays and seasons

Release additional updates for special occasions and important days such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Good Friday, Easter or New Year. On the eve of these holidays, Google Play editors create additional lists of the seasoned featured apps. 

Release updates beforehand. Google suggests, you should send the request to feature atleast 3 weeks before the release of the featured application. Therefore, if you plan to get your app seasonally featured, the update shall be rolled out approximately 1 month before the holiday. 

  1. Update your application regularly

Prioritize stability and regular updates on Google Play, aiming for at least one or two monthly updates. While consistent addition of new features isn’t essential, consider:

  • Introducing special holiday offers
  • Notifying users about debugging
  • Enhancing overall performance
  • Implementing a screen auto-rotation block

Stay vigilant with user feedback to promptly address issues, making changes as needed. Keep users informed about updates, fostering a sense of importance and encouraging positive feedback. Clearly describe changes and innovations in the “Events & Offers” section, even for minor updates, to maintain user loyalty.

  1. App Store Optimization Services

To increase downloads organically, leverage App Store Optimization (ASO), a powerful method that doesn’t rely on paid ads. ASO involves optimizing keywords, metadata, and conducting iterative testing. By fine-tuning these aspects, your app can appear in more search results. Additionally, optimizing your app’s page enhances the conversion rate, turning more page views into actual downloads.


Getting featured by Google Play is a great way to expand your audience and gain credibility, but it’s not a way to take your app to new heights. That’s an important thing to keep in mind. 

Google pay close attention on performance. This means that each of the above mentioned tips in our guide would not only increase the chances of your app to get featured but will also increase your downloads and ultimate result. 

However, to get all the benefits of featuring, you also need to be ready for it – from both the perspectives: product-wise as well as your development strategy. For best results, it is advisable to get in touch with a professional mobile app development company.

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