Hanne Norgaard Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Wife, Education & More

Hanne Norgaard is a talented makeup artist who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. She is best known as the ex-wife of the famous English actor Idris Elba. Hanne was born and raised in England but later moved to the United States to pursue her career.

She has worked with numerous celebrities and has gained recognition for her skills in the field of makeup artistry. Despite her high-profile marriage and divorce, Hanne has maintained a successful career and inspires others with her work.

Let’s look closer at Hanne Norgaard’s bio, age, career, net worth, wife, education, and more.

Who is Hanne Norgaard?

Hanne Norgaard is a talented makeup artist from England who now lives and works in America. She was born on April 5, 1977. Many people know her because she was once married to a famous actor named Idris Elba. But Hanne is also known for her amazing work as a makeup artist.

She has used her skills to make people look their best, especially for movies and TV shows. This has made her quite popular in the world of celebrities. Even though she is no longer married to Idris Elba, Hanne continues to do great work and is respected for her talent in making people look beautiful.

Hanne Norgaard Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Wife, Education & More

Early Life of Hanne Norgaard

Hanne Norgaard was born into a unique family. Her mom, Kyue Nam Kim, comes from South Korea. This mix of cultures in her family helped shape who she is today. Growing up, Hanne learned a lot from her mom and the diverse environment she was brought up in.

As a child, she was always interested in art and beauty, which would later become a big part of her life and career. Her early years were filled with learning and exploring different aspects of creativity, which set the foundation for her future.

Hanne’s interest in making things and people look beautiful started when she was very young, and this passion grew as she got older. Her background, with a supportive family and a mix of cultures, played a big role in her journey to becoming a talented makeup artist.

Hanne Norgaard Educational Journey

Hanne Norgaard wanted to be great at making people look their best, so she went to school to learn how to do that. Between 2004 and 2006, she studied at the SC Institute in Washington, DC. There, she worked hard and finished her studies with top marks, earning a Diploma in Makeup Artistry.

She was so good that she graduated with the highest honors. But Hanne didn’t stop there. She wanted to learn even more. So, she traveled to Europe and joined the International Makeup Academy. At this school, she learned all about makeup, hair, nails, and even how to create special effects.

Again, she finished her studies with the highest honor because of her hard work and talent. These schools helped Hanne become the amazing makeup artist she is today.

Hanne Norgaard Career

Hanne Norgaard started her work life as a model as a teenager. This was her first step into the big world of beauty and fashion. She liked making things and people look pretty; modeling was a great way to learn more about this. After finishing her studies and learning much about makeup, she got a cool job with the BBC.

This job was important because it helped her show off her makeup skills to many people. Then, after she married Idris Elba in 1999, she moved to New York. In New York, Hanne kept working on her makeup career. She got to work on movies and TV shows, helping actors look just right for their roles.

Her work made her very well-known in the entertainment world. Many people liked how she did makeup, and she became increasingly popular. 

Hanne Norgaard Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Wife, Education & More

Hanne Norgaard Net Worth

Hanne Norgaard has done well for herself over the years. She has made a good amount of money thanks to her amazing work as a makeup artist. People often wonder how much money she has. Well, it’s said that Hanne has about $1 million.

This money comes from her hard work making actors and other people look great for movies, TV shows, and special events. Her skills in makeup artistry are top-notch, and that’s why she’s been able to earn so much.

Even after separating from her famous husband, Idris Elba, Hanne continued to build her career and make a name for herself. This shows how talented she is and how hard she works. Her success is a big deal, proving that following your passion can pay off.

Hanne Norgaard Husband

Hanne Norgaard was once married to Idris Elba. They got married in June 1999. Idris Elba is a famous actor who has been in many movies and TV shows. People worldwide know who he is because he’s so good at acting. Hanne and Idris met before Idris became super famous.

Their marriage was an important part of both of their lives. They were together during some of the times when they were both working on making their dreams come true. However, as sometimes happens, their marriage didn’t last forever.

They decided to go their separate ways after a few years. Even though they are no longer married, their time together is a part of Hanne’s story. They have moved on to new chapters in their lives, continuing to work on their careers and follow their passions.

Hanne Norgaard Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Wife, Education & More

Hanne Norgaard Height Weight

Hanne Norgaard is a little short but has a strong presence. She stands 5 feet 2 inches off the ground. That’s like stacking five one-foot rulers and adding more on top. If you were to guess her weight, you might not be able to, but she weighs about 61 kilograms. In pounds, that’s around 134. It’s just a number that shows how much gravity pulls her down to Earth.

Nothing stops her from being the amazing makeup artist she is. She uses her height to her advantage, getting close to the actors’ faces and ensuring every detail of their makeup is right. Her height and weight are part of who she is, and they don’t get in the way of her doing great work.

Before Fame

Hanne Norgaard was like any other kid before she was known for her makeup skills. She grew up loving art and beauty. Even as a young girl, Hanne was always playing with colors, drawing, and imagining how she could make things around her more beautiful. This love for art wasn’t just a hobby; it was a big clue about what she wanted to do when she got older.

Hanne didn’t start her journey in makeup right away. First, she spent her days learning as much as she could about art and how to express herself. She also tried modeling, which gave her a peek into the world of fashion and makeup. This experience was like a spark for Hanne.

It made her realize she could combine her love for art with making people look and feel good. This was the beginning of her dream to become a makeup artist. Hanne’s path to fame started with a strong love for creativity and a wish to share beauty with the world.

Projects and Future Plans

Hanne Norgaard has big dreams for her future. She wants to keep working with famous people, making them look great with her makeup skills. Hanne also plans to teach others how to do makeup, just like her. She thinks sharing her knowledge is a good way to help more people become great makeup artists. Hanne is also thinking about starting her makeup line.

She would make her makeup products and sell them to people who want to look their best. She believes everyone should have the chance to feel beautiful. With all these plans, Hanne is very busy but excited about what is coming next. She knows it will take a lot of work, but she is ready to do what it takes to make her dreams come true.

Social Media Presence

Hanne Norgaard is on the internet just like you and your friends might be. She uses social media to show what she does and to talk with people who like her work. Hanne shares pictures and stories about her makeup art, the places she goes, and sometimes about her hobbies.

If you look for her on social media, you can see what she’s doing now. You might find tips on making yourself look nice or see some cool makeup looks she has created. She also uses social media to tell people when she is teaching makeup or if she will be part of a special event.

By following her, you can learn a lot about makeup and get some ideas for yourself. Social media helps Hanne stay connected with people who admire her work and also helps her meet new people who are interested in makeup, just like she is.


Hanne Norgaard has mostly avoided big troubles or arguments that upset people. She likes to keep her life and work positive. However, sometimes, when you are famous or married to someone famous, people will talk. Sometimes, people were curious about her life with Idris Elba, her famous ex-husband. They wanted to know why they stopped being married.

But Hanne and Idris handled it very quietly. They didn’t fight in front of everyone or say bad things. This helped keep any big problems from happening. Hanne focuses on her makeup work and being good at what she does. She doesn’t get mixed up in things that could cause trouble.

This shows she is smart about handling attention and keeping her private life safe from too many questions. She teaches us it’s possible to stay kind and professional, even when people watch you.

Hanne Norgaard Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Wife, Education & More


Painting: Hanne loves to mix colors and create beautiful pictures. She says painting helps her relax and feel happy. 

Traveling: Exploring new places is one of her favorite things. She loves seeing different parts of the world and learning about other cultures.

Reading: Hanne enjoys sitting down with a good book. She believes reading strengthens her mind and gives her new ideas for her makeup designs. 

Gardening: She enjoys growing her flowers and plants. Gardening teaches her patience and reminds her of the beauty in nature. 

Cooking: Trying out new recipes and cooking delicious meals for her friends and family is something Hanne loves. She thinks cooking is like makeup because both allow her to be creative. 

Yoga: Hanne does yoga to stay healthy and calm. It helps her keep her body strong and mind clear to do her best work.


 Who is Hanne Norgaard? 

 She’s a makeup artist from England who used to be married to Idris Elba.

 How old is Hanne Norgaard?

She was born on April 5, 1977, which makes her 46 years old as of 2023.

 What does Hanne Norgaard do?

She is a makeup artist who makes people look great for movies and TV shows.

Did Hanne go to school for makeup?

She went to school to learn about makeup and even graduated with the highest honors.

 How much money does Hanne Norgaard have? 

It’s said that she has about $1 million from her work.

 Was Hanne married to anyone famous? 

Yes, she was once married to the actor Idris Elba.

 Does Hanne have any plans for the future? 

She wants to keep working in makeup, teach others, and maybe even start her makeup line.

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In summary, Hanne Norgaard is a very skilled makeup artist who has worked hard to get where she is today. From her early days, influenced by her family’s different backgrounds, to her big achievements in the beauty industry, Hanne’s story is inspiring.

She has shown that you can achieve your dreams with a lot of hard work and passion. Even after facing changes in her personal life, like her marriage ending with Idris Elba, she didn’t give up. Instead, she kept focusing on her career and plans to help others learn about makeup and possibly start her makeup line.

Hanne’s journey teaches us that no matter what happens, we should keep going and chase our dreams. She’s a great example for anyone who wants to follow their passion and make a difference in the world.

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