Exploring Whether AOP T-shirts Are Right for You

There are times when you might see a design on a t-shirt and think it looks good but it does not go far enough. Very commonly when you see t shirt customization it is in one of the standard positions on the back or chest. But that is not the only option when it comes to t-shirt printing. If you like seeing more of a design you might want to check out AOP or all-over-print designs. You can bring patterns and ideas to life and make a unique statement that catches the eye a lot more. Here is a closer look.


What is AOP?
AOP stands for All Over Print and it is a printing technique used on fabrics so that the whole garment is covered in the chosen design. There are no limitations or borders. There are a lot more opportunities when the usual print limitations are lifted with regular direct-to-garment printing. The other great thing about AOP is that you are not limited to choosing cotton or cotton blends but can work on any fabric using either screen printing or sublimation techniques. The former uses a screen per color in the design and then applies the ink using a squeegee through the mesh of the screen. Dye sublimation printing on the other hand has the design first put onto a transfer paper and then heat is used to move the design onto the fabric. AOP is one option with t shirt design Singapore printers.

Pros of AOP t-shirts

  • Prints are durable so you can wear the t-shirts for years
  • The colors are bold and bright
  • There is no limit to the area the design can be printed in
  • Stand out from the usual printed shirt choices too many others already have covered

Cons of AOP t-shirts

  • Costs more
  • Can have white streaks showing unless cut and sew is chosen
  • When there is an issue with the design not aligning it is more obvious
  • Having lots of colors costs more with screen printing though not with sublimation printing


Things to remember when considering AOP


  1. Test the design by ordering samples when you choose AOP for t shirt customization purposes.
  2. Better quality designs can be achieved with high-resolution graphics.
  3. There are limitations and not every design works with AOP. Make sure yours does otherwise the results are less enjoyable.
  4. When it comes to sublimation printing you still need to choose a white or light fabric. Anywhere there is no design that white shower through which is more obvious with designs that have darker coloring. If the design is darker choose cut and sew style AOP.



All over print is a great way to get creative with t shirt design Singapore and elsewhere. You can stand out from the crowd, and really not be held back. It is really an excellent option to include for many reasons on printed shirts, whether you are making gifts for family and friends, coming up with a t-shirt business, giving away shirts to market something and more!

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