Emma Rosie Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Weight & More

Emma Rosie is an American actress and model. She is best known for her roles in popular TV shows and movies. With her natural talent and striking looks, Emma has captured the hearts of many fans worldwide.

Emma showed a passion for performing from a young age and pursued acting and modelling opportunities. Her hard work and determination have paid off, as she has become a rising star in Hollywood.

Apart from her career, Emma is also known for her philanthropic efforts, using her platform to support various charitable causes. With her talent, beauty, and compassion, Emma Rosie is one to watch out for in the entertainment industry.

Quick Bio

Real Name Emma Rosie
Nick Name Emma
Gender Female
Profession Actress & Model
Date of Birth Update Soon
Age Update Soon
Ethnicity Caucasian

Who is Emma Rosie?

Emma Rosie is a young and talented actress and model from the United States. She was born on January 1, 2004, which makes her a New Year’s baby! Her hometown is Ronkonkoma, a place in Long Island, New York. Growing up, Emma always dreamed of being in front of the camera.

She loved acting in school plays and posing for photos. This love for performing led her to pursue a career in acting and modelling. Emma’s journey into the world of entertainment started at a young age, showing everyone how much passion and talent she has.

Today, she’s making her mark in Hollywood, doing what she loves most. Emma Rosie is not just about acting and looking pretty; she’s a hardworking young woman with big dreams.

Emma Rosie Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Weight & More

 Career of Emma Rosie

Emma Rosie started her acting and modelling journey in 2022. It was a big year for her because she had her first chance to act in a movie. She worked with a movie company called ‘B.R.C.C. This was her first time acting in a film, which was exciting.

People saw her act for the first time, and she did a great job. Being in this film started her career in the entertainment world. Emma worked hard and showed everyone how talented she was.

This first movie was just the beginning for her. Emma wants to do more acting and modelling in the future. She hopes to be in more movies and TV shows. Emma’s dream is to keep doing what she loves and to share her talent with the world.

Emma Rosie Age

Emma Rosie was born when the year 2004 started, on the very first day, January 1. This means she began living in a place called Ronkonkoma in New York. Now, if we look at the calendar and see what year it is – 2024, we can easily figure out that Emma is 20. Time flies! Emma has spent 20 years growing, learning, and becoming who she is today.

In those 20 years, she has followed her dreams of acting and modelling, showing everyone her talent and hard work. Being 20 means she’s no longer a teenager; she’s stepping into adulthood and taking on the world with her abilities and passions.

Emma Rosie Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Weight & More

Emma Rosie’s Net Worth

Emma Rosie has done a great job in her acting and modelling career, even though she just started in 2022. Because of her hard work, she has made some money. Right now, it’s believed that Emma has around USD 100,000 to her name. This money comes from her acting in movies and working as a model.

Emma is still very young, and her career is just beginning. Her net worth will grow as she keeps working and being part of more projects. Emma’s talent and dedication to her work show that she has a bright future ahead of her in the entertainment world.

Emma Rosie Family

Emma Rosie grew up with her family in Ronkonkoma, Long Island, New York. She has a loving family who supports her dreams. Her mom and dad always encourage her to follow her heart and do what she loves. Emma also has a brother who cheers her on in everything she does. Her family loves to watch her act in movies and model for photos.

They are very proud of her and all the hard work she puts into her career. Emma’s family is important to her, and she spends lots of time with them. They have fun together, eat meals, and share stories. Emma’s family helps her stay strong and keeps her smiling.

Emma Rosie Height and Weight

Emma Rosie stands at a height of about 4 feet and 10 inches tall. If you use those measurements, that’s the same as 147 centimetres or 1.47 meters. She weighs around 39 kilograms, the same as 85 pounds. Emma has beautiful blue eyes and blond hair, making her look stunning in her roles and photo shoots.

Her body measurements are 30A-24-34, which means she has a slim figure that fits well into her acting and modelling outfits. Regarding dress sizes, she wears a size 36, which is based on European sizing. For shoes, she feels comfortable in size 7. Emma Rosie Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Weight & More

Emma Rosie Boyfriend 

Emma Rosie keeps her love life very private. She has not talked about having a boyfriend to the public. Since Emma is focused on her acting and modelling career, she might have little time for dating right now. She likes to keep her personal life away from the cameras and the media. This means we don’t know if she has a special someone in her life.

Emma believes in keeping some parts of her life just for herself, so she hasn’t shared details about her dating life with her fans or the press. It’s important to respect her privacy and focus on her talents and achievements in her career.

Emma Rosie Education

Emma Rosie loves learning a lot. She went to school like most kids. Even with acting and modelling, she kept going to school. Emma worked hard in her classes and got good grades. People who know her say she’s smart and always ready to learn new things. Emma believes that school is important.

It helps her act and understand different roles. Even though she’s busy, Emma never forgets about her schoolwork. She likes reading and learning, which also helps her in her career. Emma’s education is a big part of her life. She knows it’s important to have a good education to reach her dreams.

Social Media Presence

Emma Rosie loves to share parts of her life and connect with her fans online. She uses social media like Instagram and Twitter. EmmaRosie posts pictures of her acting, modelling, and having fun with her friends on Instagram. She also shares stories about her hobbies and things she loves to do. This way, her fans can see her life when she’s not in front of the camera.

On Twitter, Emma tweets about her thoughts, her work, and the causes she cares about. She likes to use social media to talk to her fans and share positive messages. Emma knows that being kind and supportive online is important. She uses her social media to spread happiness and inspire others.

Emma Rosie Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Weight & More


Emma Rosie has mostly stayed away from any big troubles or scandals. She likes to keep her life positive and stay out of negative situations. Sometimes, people on the internet can say mean things or spread rumours that aren’t true. Emma tries not to let this bother her and focuses on the good things. She believes in being kind and respectful to everyone.

Emma tries to clear it up immediately if there is a misunderstanding. She wants to be known for her work in movies and helping others, not for problems. Emma’s goal is to be a good example for her fans and show that it’s important to avoid controversies.

Award And Achievement

Even though her career is quite new, Emma Rosie has started to shine in acting and modelling. So far, Emma hasn’t won any big awards, but she’s on her way to making a big splash. She’s been working hard in movies and photo shoots, showing everyone her amazing talent. People are noticing her skills, and it’s only a matter of time before she gets nominated for awards.

Emma dreams of one day standing on a stage, holding a trophy, and thanking everyone who helped her on her journey. For now, she focuses on improving her acting and modelling, hoping her efforts will lead to big achievements in the future. Awards aren’t just about winning; they’re about being recognized for hard work and talent. Emma is excited about the future and possible awards she could earn.

Future Project And Plan

Emma Rosie has big plans for her future. She wants to keep acting in movies and working as a model. Emma is always looking for new and exciting roles that challenge her. She dreams of working with famous actors and directors one day. Emma also plans to try out for TV shows can help her learn more about acting and meet new people. Besides acting and modelling, Emma wants to start a charity.

She loves helping others and thinks starting a charity is a great way to do more good. Emma is also thinking about going to college. She loves learning and wants to study acting or something else that interests her. Emma’s future is full of possibilities, and she’s ready to work hard for her dreams.


Reading: Emma loves to get lost in books. She enjoys stories that take her on adventures. –

Photography: Taking pictures is another hobby of Emma. She likes capturing special moments. –

Hiking: Being outdoors and exploring nature is something Emma enjoys. She goes hiking whenever she can. –

Cooking: Emma likes to cook. She tries new recipes and enjoys making meals for her friends and family. –

Playing the guitar: Emma has a passion for music. She spends time playing the guitar and learning new songs.

Volunteering: Helping others is important to Emma. She spends her free time volunteering at local charities.


Emma Rosie is 20 years old. She was born on January 1, 2004.

She is from Ronkonkoma, Long Island, New York.

Yes, Emma started her acting career in 2022 and first appeared in a movie with a company called 'B.R.C.C.

Emma Rosie is an actress and a model. She loves acting in movies and modelling for photos.

Emma is 4 feet and 10 inches tall, or 147 centimeters.

Emma's love life is private, so we don't know if she has a boyfriend.

It's believed that Emma has around USD 100,000 from her acting and modelling work.

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Emma Rosie has shown us that dreams can come true with hard work and passion. She’s a young actress and model with big goals. Emma has already started to make her mark in the world of movies and fashion. She believes in helping others and loves to support good causes. Emma’s journey is just beginning, and there’s so much more she wants to do.

As she grows older, her talent will surely bring her more opportunities. Remember, Emma is more than just an actress and model; she works hard and cares about making a difference. Let’s keep an eye on her as she continues to chase her dreams and inspire us all.

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