Elliot Kingsley Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Father, Wife, Education & More

Elliot Kingsley is a talented American theater actor who has captured the hearts of audiences with his captivating performances. But that’s not all that makes him stand out in the entertainment industry. Elliot is also known as the stepson of legendary British singer, actor, and songwriter Ozzy Osbourne.

With such a famous and influential father figure, it’s no wonder Elliot has made a name for himself in the spotlight. From his early years to his current successes, let’s look closely at Elliot’s life, career, and more in this blog post.

Get ready to discover the fascinating world of Elliot Kingsley.

Who is Elliot Kingsley?

Elliot Kingsley, born to Thelma Mayfair, is a gifted theater actor who has made a significant mark in the American entertainment industry. Interestingly, Kingsley isn’t just another actor; he holds a distinctive place in the music industry as the stepson of Ozzy Osbourne, a renowned British singer and songwriter. Elliot came into Ozzy’s life when the musician married his first wife, Thelma, in 1971.

Elliot was a five-year-old boy from Thelma’s previous marriage at that time. Ozzy adopted Elliot, making him one of the six children in the Osbourne lineage. Despite his connection to fame, Elliot has made strides in his career based on his talent and passion for the arts.

Elliot Kingsley Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Father, Wife, Education & More

Elliot Kingsley Early Life

Elliot Kingsley was born in 1966 in the United Kingdom to Thelma Mayfair. At a tender age, Elliot’s life took a significant turn when Thelma married Ozzy Osbourne, a rising star in the music industry. Ozzy took on the role of Elliot’s stepfather, officially adopting him into the Osbourne family.

Despite this early exposure to the limelight, Elliot’s upbringing remained grounded, fostering his love for theater and acting. He attended a local school in Birmingham and later pursued theater studies, demonstrating an evident passion for the performing arts.

Growing up, Elliot shared a strong bond with his siblings, reflecting the close-knit nature of the Osbourne family. This early life gave him the grounding and inspiration to carve out his unique path in the entertainment industry.

Elliot Kingsley Career

Embarking on his acting journey at a young age, Elliot Kingsley has significantly impacted the American theater scene. Although he hails from a musical lineage, Elliot chose to carve out a niche in acting, a testament to his passion and dedication. He is recognized for his relationship with his famous father, Ozzy Osbourne, and his achievements in theater.

One of the notable highlights of Elliot’s career occurred from February to July 2017, when he was a part of five different plays. This demonstrated his versatility as an actor and ability to inhabit various roles seamlessly. One of his most applauded performances during this period was his portrayal of Mendel in the iconic production, ‘Fiddler on the Roof.’ Elliot’s remarkable ability to bring his characters to life has helped him to establish a prominent presence in the theater industry.

His consistent performances and significant contributions to theater highlight his love for the craft and indicate a promising future in his chosen field.

Elliot Kingsley Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Father, Wife, Education & More

Elliot Kingsley Age

Born in the United Kingdom in 1966, Elliot Kingsley has successfully navigated a life in the limelight for many years. Elliot is 58 years old now. He has spent those years honing his craft and building a reputable career in the theater industry. From childhood under the watchful eye of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne to his present life as a respected actor, Elliot’s age reflects a journey of persistence, talent, and dedication to his passion.

Each year of his life tells a story of personal and professional growth. His age is a testament to his seasoned experience in acting, a realm he chose to explore and thrive in despite his early exposure to the music industry.

Elliot Kingsley Net Worth

Elliot Kingsley’s journey in the theater world has garnered him critical acclaim and considerable wealth. As of 2024, Elliot’s net worth is estimated to be around $220 million. This large fortune is a testament to his successful career in theater, which spans several decades. It’s worth noting that while Elliot hails from a lineage associated with rock and roll royalty, his wealth is mainly self-made.

This substantial net worth can be attributed to his numerous stage performances, association with several theater companies and contributions to the performing arts. Elliot’s impressive net worth reflects his dedication and commitment to his craft, consistent performances, and unwavering passion for theater.

Despite having a legendary musician as a father, Elliot’s hard work and talent in acting have played significant roles in accumulating his wealth.

Elliot Kingsley Parents

Born to Thelma Mayfair, Elliot Kingsley was primarily raised by his mother, a professional teacher. Thelma played a pivotal role in Elliot’s upbringing, instilling a solid appreciation for education and the arts. In addition to his birth mother, Elliot has a significant paternal figure in his life. This came in the form of legendary rock star John Michael, more popularly known as Ozzy Osbourne.

Ozzy entered Elliot’s life when he married Thelma in 1971. He adopted Elliot and actively took on the role of his stepfather, providing an influential presence in his formative years. Though Elliot was brought up primarily by his mother, the influence of his famous stepfather was undoubtedly a unique aspect of his upbringing. The combined parenting styles of Thelma and Ozzy contributed significantly to Elliot’s development into a talented theater actor.

Elliot Kingsley Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Father, Wife, Education & More

Body Measurements

Standing at a height of 5 feet 6 inches, Elliot Kingsley’s physical stature is modest, yet it hasn’t inhibited his ability to captivate audiences with his theatrical performances. At a weight of 78 kilograms, Elliot maintains a fit and healthy lifestyle that keeps him in peak performance shape, which is essential for the physically demanding nature of his theater roles.

His hair is black, adding to his distinctive stage presence and often complementing his various character portrayals. Notably, unlike his legendary stepfather, Ozzy Osbourne, Elliot does not sport tattoos despite his association with rock royalty. His decision to refrain from tattoos may reflect his personal preference or professional approach, as it offers him the flexibility to transform into different characters for his roles.

Overall, Elliot Kingsley’s physical attributes contribute to his theatrical versatility, enabling him to embody diverse characters with conviction and authenticity.

Elliot Kingsley Education

Education has played a pivotal role in Elliot Kingsley’s life, shaping him into the accomplished theater actor he is today. Thelma, his mother, and a professional teacher instilled in him a deep appreciation for education from a young age. He attended a local school in Birmingham, where he was introduced to the performing arts world.

Developing a keen interest in theater, Elliot chose to further his education. He pursued theater studies, immersing himself in various acting techniques, character development, and stagecraft. His academic journey was enriched by a blend of theoretical learning and practical training, providing him with a comprehensive understanding of the art form.

His educational background played a crucial role in refining his skills and nurturing his passion for acting, equipping him with the knowledge and experience needed to thrive in the demanding world of theater.


Throughout his career, Elliot Kingsley has largely steered clear of significant controversies. Known for his low-key and professional demeanor, Elliot has kept his personal life private, avoiding potential media scrutiny and scandal. While his stepfather, Ozzy Osbourne, has had a well-publicized history of controversies, Elliot has chosen a different path, maintaining a discreet and focused approach to his career.

This isn’t to say that Elliot is without critique or criticism. As an actor in the public eye, he has faced the typical professional challenges and criticisms that come with the territory. However, he has dealt with such situations with grace and maturity, using them as opportunities for growth and improvement in his craft.

It’s important to note that Elliot’s life isn’t wholly devoid of complexities or challenges, but rather, he handles such situations privately, away from the glare of public attention. Elliot’s journey so far has been marked by an evident focus on his work and passion for theater rather than controversies or scandals.

Elliot Kingsley Girlfriend/Wife

Maintaining great privacy about his personal life, Elliot Kingsley has not shared much about his romantic relationships or marital status. Given his preference to keep his private life away from the public eye, the details about any potential girlfriend or wife remain undisclosed. It is known that Elliot tends to keep a strict boundary between his professional life as a theater actor and his personal life; hence, his relationships are a well-kept secret.

This commitment to privacy has allowed Elliot to concentrate on his passion for theater, maintaining his strong reputation as a respected actor without the distraction of public relationship dramas. Despite the curiosity from the public and media due to his association with the famous Osbourne family, Elliot’s relationship status remains a personal matter.

Social Media Presence

Despite being a part of the famous Osbourne lineage, Elliot Kingsley opts to keep a relatively low profile on social media. Unlike many in the entertainment industry, he has steered clear of the constant online scrutiny that often comes with a heavy social media presence. This decision reflects Elliot’s preference for maintaining privacy while focusing more on his craft.

He is not known to carry any public profiles on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. However, Elliot’s absence from these platforms does not diminish his fans’ admiration or prominence in the theater industry. Through his exceptional performances on stage, Elliot continues to connect with his audience rather than through the lens of social media.

His low-key online presence echoes the professionalism and discretion that Elliot has upheld throughout his career, making him a unique figure in an industry often characterized by high visibility and constant online interaction.


Theater Watching: Given his passion for performing arts, it’s no surprise that Elliot spends much of his free time watching plays. Whether it’s a classic production or a new experimental piece, Elliot loves immersing himself in the theater world. 

Reading: Elliot is an avid reader, often indulging in works of literature that range from classic novels to contemporary plays. This hobby serves as a source of relaxation and inspires his performances. 

Traveling: As an actor, Elliot has had the opportunity to travel to different places for his performances. During these travels, he has developed a love for exploring new cultures, landscapes, and cuisines. 

Music: Despite choosing a different path than his famous stepfather, Elliot profoundly appreciates music. In his leisure time, he enjoys listening to various genres, including rock. 

Cooking: Elliot also has a penchant for cooking. He often experiments with new recipes and flavors, finding joy and relaxation in the culinary arts.

This hobby provides a creative outlet away from the stage, allowing him to express his artistic side in a different medium.


Ozzy Osbourne's adopted son is Elliot Kingsley. He was born to Ozzy's first wife, Thelma Riley, from a previous relationship and was adopted by Ozzy after his marriage to Thelma.

Elliot Kingsley was born in the United Kingdom in 1966 and is 58 years old as of this year.

Kelly Osbourne, sister to Elliot Kingsley, has no children at the time of writing.

Details about Elliot Kingsley's marital status remain private. Elliot tends to keep his personal life away from public scrutiny.

Elliot's biological mother is Thelma Riley. She was Ozzy Osbourne's first wife and played a significant role in Elliot's upbringing.

As of 2024, Elliot's estimated net worth is around $220 million. His fortune is primarily attributed to his successful career in the theater industry.

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Elliot Kingsley is undeniably a standout talent in the theater world, making his mark independently from the fame and success of his legendary stepfather, Ozzy Osbourne. Despite hailing from a lineage of rock and roll royalty, Elliot has proven that his passion, talent, and dedication to theater truly define him. His remarkable performances and contributions to the theater industry have garnered him critical acclaim and considerable wealth, all self-made and reflective of his unwavering commitment to his craft.

His life story is a powerful testament to the importance of individuality, hard work, and pursuing one’s passions, regardless of familial ties or societal expectations. Elliot Kingsley is, without a doubt, a shining star in his own right, enriching the world of theater with his exceptional performances and unique artistry.

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