Clash Royale Spell Cauldron Event Guide: Best Deck and Strategies

Nowadays, the Clash Royale Spell Cauldron event is taking all the limelight. It’s part of Season 59-themed Magic Mayhem, which already contests other similar events, including Wizard, Void, and Royal Giant Evolution. Now, the question is what this event is, how you can make the most of it, and whether any deck works best. Let me show you everything so you can get the most out of it.


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Spell Cauldron was originally a key event in Clash Royale’s May 2024 lineup, which went live on May 20 and will end on May 27.

What is  Clash Royale Spell Cauldron?

Do not confuse the CR spell Cauldron with any spell card; it is a mechanism. Let me tell you how it works.

Once the game starts, Clash Royale Spell Cauldron ( magical pot) spawns in the bridge’s center, allowing both parties to capture it first. Each player has to damage this 3000 health bar of Cauldron to get various spell benefits ( Freeze, Lighting, Invisible, Rage, and Healing) that are the primary mechanism of this Event.

But that’s not all; these spells do not just affect specific areas but cover the whole battleground. On top of that, this process ends and continues throughout the match until one becomes victorious; in another way, you have to capture the spell Cauldron CR repeatedly.

Rewards and Related Events

Participants can earn several rewards, including a unique banner decoration exclusive to this event, a good amount of coins, and maybe a few Clash Royale gems. The challenge is part of a broader set of events in May 2024, including Void Unleashed, Wizard Evo Draft, and Magical Trio, each offering its own unique features and rewards.

Best Spell Cauldron Clash Royale Deck

At this point, you’re wondering which deck would prove better in CR Spell Cauldron. Below is one of the most powerful decks, and if you use it properly, there’s a chance you will win all 12 matches and complete the Clash Royale Spell Cauldron event.

CR Deck Composition and Card Roles


  1. Wall Breakers: They look weak, but their quick speed and big blasting ability make them the main win condition, due to inflicting severe damage to Cauldron.
  2. Barbarians: Barbarians, being powerful forces, are considered the primary tool to deal with a good range of damage to CR Spell Cauldron and serve as melee support units.
  3. Inferno Tower: This building is highly devastating, and a meltdown spells Cauldron or even any other strong unit in just a few seconds, making it the best card both for offense and defense.
  4. Executioner: This powerful axe thrower has already proved himself behind a powerful unit, and the executioner and Pekka combo can do wonders in any deck.
  5. Pekka: Pekka is your best defense and offense option; though it does not provide Aoe damage, its 2 or 3 hits are enough for any powerful unit or tower 
  6. Zap: Zap is the perfect spell for wiping out small units completely and stunting inferno units. It’s quick and has a lost cost, but it is highly valuable on many occasions in the game.
  7. Arrows: Arrows are a second useful spell in the deck because adding it is dealing with ranged attackers. Its larger damage area and medium damage rate are good for swamps, skeleton minions, and other smaller units.  
  8. Lumberjack: This legendary card has its importance; not it just a proper melee unit, but also works as a rage spell once dies, giving advantage to nearby units 

How to Play This Clash Royale Deck?

Early Game Strategy

That was just a recap of the unit and how helpful they were. Now, want to see how this deck works?


At the very start of the game, you focus on establishing control by taking out the Spell Cauldron CR with Barbarians and Wall Breakers. 

Then, take advantage of  Inferno Tower for defense and gauge your opponent’s deck to plan your next moves.

Mid-Game Adjustments

Once the first 1 min has passed,  you’ll have a clearer idea of your opponent’s strategy. Now, there are some serious tricks. 

As mentioned earlier, using Pekka with Executioner will bring fire as their combo deals strong pushes and maintains pressure with Wall Breakers and Lumberjacks. Ensure you are always ready to counter-push effectively.

Late Game and Overtime

As the game progresses, the focus shifts to managing your elixir efficiently and capitalizing on your opponent’s mistakes. Utilize the Inferno Tower strategically, and use Pekka and Lumberjack’s great damage to secure the win.


The Spell Cauldron Challenge in Clash Royale offers a unique and exciting gameplay experience. Using the deck and strategies outlined above, you can maximize your chances of success and enjoy a series of victories. Practice makes perfect, so keep honing your skills and adapting to different opponents


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